2003 Fiat Uno 1.1 from South Africa


This is the worst car ever produced!!!


I have had to replace the clutch twice. Nearly every time I take it for a service or repairs on something, I have to take it back as they have fixed the wrong thing. This is from several dealers, as I have lived in two provinces with the car.

The aftersales service is currently the worst that I have had to endure. After many letters, e-mails etc to the head of Fiat in South Africa, still no joy, and I gave up trying to get the problem sorted. After being told that the car will have a high resale value from Fiat themselves, I still cannot sell the car to actually get money back.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 11th November, 2005

11th May 2006, 13:53

Clutch change is normally driver's fault. I had 1 for 120000 and only changed clutch once. I ask you, is there anything that works good in South Africa other than the murdering of foreigners for a few bucks?

14th Jul 2006, 03:11

You buy an Uno because of the value for money aspect. It's not a sporty car, and cannot go faster than 140kmh, but you knew that, right?

I firmly believe that if you treat the car with the respect it deserves, it will give you many k's of motoring pleasure.

Lastly, with petrol about to go through the 7 rand a litre barrier, do not be too hasty in selling your Uno. Appreciate the car for what it is, it's not like you paid R100000 for it, did you?