1988 Ford Aerostar XLT 3.0 from North America


Good old blue


Catalytic converter, ignition switch, and fuel pump.

General Comments:

Bought this Aerostar at this Ma & Pop dealer in April 2007 in Los Angeles Cali for 900. I tried to drive it back to the hotel I was staying at my wife. She following me in our Celica. The blinker or tail lights weren't working in the van.

I got blinker working that night, and drove it back to Los Banos the next day. It is 300 and some on miles. We made it no problem.

I drove it to work the next day. 40 miles one way. Went to go home after work, and it started right up back up. It would not go in drive. I stepped on the gas several times, and it lurched forward and took off. Drove it all the way home. Tranny shifting was fine.

It would act up in the mornings. Not wanting go in drive until you stepped on the gas a few times. Had the tranny serviced; it's been fine since!

It's now 2012, and the star still going. It's my wife's school car now. I have a Bronco. That's my toy.

This van has been to Vegas, San Francisco, and Yuba City. It's just a good old reliable Ford. Please remember, not all Fords are bad!!

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Review Date: 8th April, 2012

1988 Ford Aerostar XL 3.0L V6 183 from North America


A good work horse, but repairs can be expensive, and very hard to do yourself


-The van has done very well in the past years. Till now.

-Recently I have discovered an oil pan leak, transmission leak, and front block cover gasket leak. At 132,000 miles I'm not really surprised, but now worried that the transmission is going to fail. (starting to whine)

-Also there is a leak on the driver-side window-seal directly above stereo panel.

-One month ago, I had to replace my heater core due to failure. (Very hard work due to no room)

General Comments:

-This van can really take off when needed. I've got it to top out at 115mph. I won't do it again though.

-With the frame of a Ranger, it allows me to haul heavy equipment, and a 16ft. trailer.

-I'm very happy with my van, but I'm afraid that it's on it's last leg.

-I'm considering rebuilding everything, with performance modifications. I love the look on peoples faces when they get beat by a mini van.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2003

1988 Ford Aerostar 6 cylinder from North America


A bulky clunky noisy vehicle



AC compressor seized up on a 120 mile trip, but turned off the AC and kept on going.

Transmission slipping. Just not right.

Major power steering problems. Power steering fluid would get so hot it would boil out of reservoir and I would constantly have to refill it. Power steering pump whined noisily constantly.

Alternator died THE DAY I was selling the van. I had to dump $200 into it in order to fix this to sell it.

General Comments:

The people I purchased it from showed me documentation that the engine was rebuilt, but suspected that it was false after I bought the vehicle.

Was thrilled to own a van for the first time, but the vehicle drove like a boat. Very clunky and saggy. Very glad to sell it. FORD=Fix Or Repair Daily.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2002

1988 Ford Aerostar XLT 3.0 from North America


Overall a good vehicle with high performance potential


Replaced engine, rack and pinion, power steering wire.

Sliding door did not slide very well.

Sliding door did not lock by power locks.

A/C needed charging.

Replaced windshield.

General Comments:

This van is a good family vehicle.

May need to replace transmission, not sure yet.

Using high performance transmission treatments to help just in case.

Replacing all old parts with as many high performance parts as I can find.

Air filters



Replaced the seats with those of a newer model so they can fold down.

If needed I will try a transmission flush to restore the performance and the life of the transmission.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2002