1992 Ford Aerostar 3 litre from North America


Nice, but could have been better designed


The sliding door handle broke off; very hard to open up the door to replace.

The wheel on the sliding door broke off and the door is one heavy piece of metal when there is no wheel to support it.

The power steering... well I can only assume that the pump is gone.

The windows rattle at 70kmh or more.

General Comments:

After having children we needed something bigger to haul them around in. The van was a good deal and handled well on our test drive. But not long after we got it we noticed all the creaks and other assorted noises it makes. The most annoying one is the windshield and rear window rattling while highway driving.

My biggest disappointment with the van is the power steering. We have an appointment to get it looked at (finally!) but here's the story:

It steered fine both ways, but there was a little "clunk" when you turned the wheel. Under the advice of a mechanic he said to put in some power steering sealer into the van.

We did and it solved the turning to the left - works like a charm. But it is a nightmare turning to the right; almost as if it has lost all power steering to that side. (but it has not)

I back out of my driveway and then make a right turn and it's like near impossible to turn the steering wheel, but it then gives and power steering returns with a big jerk making you think the van is about to tip.

Regardless, if there was more thought into the design and mechanics of the van, it would be more worth the money.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2003

1992 Ford Aerostar XLT 4.0 gas from North America


Don't buy one unless seller gives you a warranty!!!


The previous owner told me he had gone through 4 alternators. I had to put in one.5 total. I have never had a transmission problem with a vehicle until I owned a Ford. Two weeks ago, another one. 3 so far. I drive smooth and easy and I am 49 years old and I am very easy on vehicles. Ford has definitely taught me a good lesson about supporting the big 3. No such luck next time. Mystery electrical problems kept it in the shop for 3 weeks. It turned out the wiring harness rusted out at the rear. I find it amazing that Ford made the back hatch and hood out of fiberglass while the rest rusts away.

General Comments:

The Ford Motor Company could have made a dependable vehicle here as it is large and roomy and holds 4' X 8' lengths of drywall. The engines are not all bad, although a little noisy. A big word of advice: If anything breaks in the aerostar ie power window, air conditioning etc don't fix it. Save all your money for your transmissions. I know all the guys at the transmission shops, Aamco, Mr. Transmission etc. Ford should beg Toyota or G.M. to build them a transmission. Until then, I'm turning japanesa. (you know the song)

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Review Date: 12th December, 2002

24th Aug 2003, 22:41

Buddy...you got your car at 170K! what are you expecting?

24th Nov 2003, 20:56

I purchased a 1992 Ford Aerostar brand new. During the first 3 years, I had it back to the dealer for many major problems. Such as the transmission overhauled 3 times, the power steering pump replaced twice and the brakes are horrible. It is now 11 years old and holding on barely. The transmission is going up again. I wrote to ford when the vehicle was 3 years old. I was told that the vehicle was NOT a lemon. I beg to differ.

28th Aug 2004, 09:13

I bought a used 1992 Aerostar in 1996 with 94,000km on it. The van now has 348,000 km on it and the only things that have gone wrong are the starter, Once at about 320,000 km, electrical problems (short in the system that affected the interior lights) and as the Van was very old when this happened, approx. 280,000 km, I just disconnected the interior lights to stop them from flashing on and off at night. The brakes do require machining often or new rotors.

Although it is a horrible vehicle to ride in the winter, I have to be very careful on the grade I drive it, as sometimes I cannot make it up a hill even with the 400 lbs of added weight I put in it over the winter in the rear of the van. (other vehicles do not have problems on the grade I did).

Overall I have been very happy with the Motor and Transmission which have never caused any problems and I do accelerate from a start quickly, consistently. Also the A/C still works like new and I have never had a problem with it.

22nd Sep 2004, 08:43

Yall just don't know how to take care of them.