1996 Ford Aerostar XLT 3.0 from North America


Exceptional value


The rear axle oil seal was replaced at 40,000 miles.

Alternator was replaced at 183,000 miles.

Power steering rack and pump replaced at 200,000 miles.

Front air blower just replaced at 215,000 miles.

Otherwise only routine maintenance such as fluid changes, brakes and shocks is all that has been done.

General Comments:

This is the second Aerostar that I have owned. Both have been extremely reliable and economical to operate.

Front seats are very comfortable for long trips, and the high seating position affords very good visibility.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2003

1996 Ford Aerostar XLT 4.0 liter from North America


Excellent value for families


Battery at 92,000 miles.

Tie rod ends at 98,000 miles.

Otherwise, standard preventative maintenance.

General Comments:

Overall, we have been very pleased with the Aerostar vans that we have owned. This is our third Aerostar in seven years, and each one was purchased as a "pre-owned" vehicle.

The front captains chairs are very comfortable, especially for long trips. Rear benches are also quite acceptable, even for long distances. Rear seats are moderately easy to remove with two people, however they are heavy! The van easily seats seven adults.

Visibility is very good for a mini-van. The higher seating position is similar to a pickup truck, and while there are "blind spots", they are not too bad for a vehicle of this size. Prior to owning these three mini-vans, we had only driven compact cars, and yet found we adapted quite easily and comfortably to the Aerostar.

The extended-length van has a nice roomy rear cargo area, and is well-appointed with two small floor bins (one holds the jack).

In warmer climates, be sure to get the "rear air" option, as the standard "front air" really is not capable of effectively cooling all the way to the back.

With proper preventative maintenance, we have found all three of our Aerostar vans to be quite reliable, and excellent value.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2001