1978 Ford Bronco ranger xlt 400 from North America


The best truck on the planet


Electrical system shorted out, but it was an easy fix.

Transmission leaks if the truck sits for a long period of time.But as long as you drive it, it will stay full and not leak.

General Comments:

Still has the original engine and transmission and it has never been rebuilt.

Best car or truck I have owned and will keep it as long as possible.

It is a beast off road and always gets you home. I have driven it from Arizona to Illinois 5 times and it never breaks down or over heats. I have 2 new cars and they both can't keep up with my bronco. They have both needed engine rebuilds and transmission rebuilds while the bronco is still on the original engine and transmission.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 7th January, 2005

9th Mar 2005, 16:08

I agree with this write up. They are great trucks that will never fail. As for the other comments... get a life?

23rd Mar 2005, 15:34

My 78 Bronco doesn't handle very well on-road, but off-road it really is one of the best handling trucks. They do rust like crazy, but its easy to fix. 351/400m engine is reliable and powerful. With removable hardtop, big block V8, and solid off-road performance, I'd put it up against any truck or SUV.