1983 Ford Bronco XL 5.0 V8 Carb. from North America


I don't recommend for winter driving


It was the most cold-blooded truck I've ever seen. I hated sitting in it every winter morning for 10 minutes with my foot on the gas for it to warm up. And it would STILL die out at stop signs. This was after being tuned up with a new module and everything. The carburetor was rebuilt before I bought it and still wasn't worth anything. It had an extremely rough ride and a lot of play in the wheel. The gas mileage EVEN WITH THE 302 was only 12-14 in 2wd and 8-11 in 4wd. Loud whining noise during acceleration. No weight in the back so very bad handling in 2wd, but with some added sandbags it's OK.

General Comments:

Regretted wasting money on it. It would be 10 times better if it was fuel injected, like my old '86 F150. I have to give it the compliment of ALWAYS starting even if I had to hold the gas for it to run. Gas mileage is ridiculous even for a 4X4 truck.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2008

1983 Ford Bronco 300 Ci (4.9L) from North America


It's a great toy


Repaired Tailgate Motor.

Replaced AC Compressor.

A little blow by, but what do you expect with 210,000 miles.

General Comments:

This truck has tremendous torque.

This truck cannot compete in any 0 to 60 trials, but it will pull.

Can't wait to rebuild the motor. Expect to get close to 300hp.

I bought the truck off the original owner. He set the truck up very nice.


4spd overdrive

3.55 gears.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2007

1983 Ford Bronco XLT 302 V8 from North America


Toughest truck around


Seats wore out.

Engine blew (my fault)

Tailgate rust.

General Comments:

This truck is the best ever it'll go through anything anywhere.

Even before the 6" suspension and 3" body lift it went everywhere now with 9" more of clearance and 39" super swampers, can't stop it.

The best part is the removable top (till a mid summer day storm)

It is more reliable then anything else I've driven and the 302 motor in it is unbreakable.

I had a 87 k-5 and the bronco out performs out looks and outgoes it in every way possible the only thing they have in common is poor gas mileage and a removable top.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2005

1983 Ford Bronco XLT 351 W from North America


A great off road truck, and a great on the road truck. Good all around.


Interior cracking badly.

Seats are worn out.

Carburetor caught fire once.

Left leaf spring broke and pinched the gas line. Had to replace both.

Rear Window doesn't always role up, because it is not in line with the door.

Rear window rattles sometimes.

Hub didn't lock onetime and I had to replace the four wheel drive chain.

Small amounts of rust on the bottom of the tailgate and the back fenders.

Sinks easily in mud.

General Comments:

Overall, the Ford Bronco has been a good truck and I plan to get anther one soon.

Its 4x4 capabilities are great, but it is still good on the roads.

OK gas mileage, with a Tornado system on the carburetor.

Always been a good truck on and off the road.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2004