1988 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer 5.8L 351c.i. from North America


The real thing


Serpentine belt. Alternator. Tensioner. Throttle cable. Cruise control. Window washer motor. Radio. A/C. Cruise control. Headliner. Driver seat. Paint.

The alternator was failing two weeks after purchase around 110,000 miles. As I was changing it, the serpentine belt needed replacing and the tensioner was in disrepair. All replaced, and remarkably inexpensive and easy to repair.

The throttle cable needed graphite lubricant and a cleaning, and a cruise control module was inexpensive and easy to obtain at my local salvage yard.

The A/C unit I plan on overhauling sometime in the upcoming two to three months, as I need a compressor and electrical connectors.

The headliner and seats can be re upholstered with relative ease and expense. As for the paint, I plan on stripping away the cracked and peeled clear coat/paint and painting it a metallic silver.

General Comments:

Excellent low end grunt. Wonderful turning radius. Starts right up at the turn of the key. I'm 6'3 and I fit in this vehicle. I feel safe and secure, and can see well in front and back of me.

INCREDIBLY easy to work on. Parts are sometimes bolted on a bit tight or tend to get rusted on -- so bruising will tend to be a common trend when working on this horse.

Loud, brutish and HUNGRY. Guzzles fuel at the rate of 10 - 13 MPG, maybe less on a typical L.A. traffic jam. This vehicle is literally unstoppable in the snow with snow tires and it's 4X4 system. Mud or a 24" stream are but a cakewalk for this beast.

Engine runs COLD even while going up the mountains towards Big Bear or Angeles Crest during a 100 degree day.

Transmission shifts are smooth, yet I wish FORD MOTOR CO. would have had the forethought to equip this monster with a 4 speed, like they did with their other Broncos and various F-series pick ups. Not so much for fuel economy, but the 3 speed tends to hunt for gears a bit when going up a steep grade.

I like the short wheelbase on this Bronco, but BE FOREWARNED, it takes some getting used to, not at low speeds but at the highway speeds.

I'm completely satisfied with this vehicle. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a no excuses REAL SUV.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2009

1988 Ford Bronco from North America


Rear window engine fails sometimes.

Oil leak

Gaskets failed on headers.

General Comments:

This truck can take some abuse, specially offroad! I have had no problems with offroading her. She is a great and reliable truck.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2005

1988 Ford Bronco 4x4 302 CID from North America


Repairs have to be expected at 177'000 miles


Replaced exhaust manifold old ones cracked.

Needs catalytic converter, has a lack of power.

A/C clogged and had to replace orifice tube filter and accumulator. Switched to R 134 during this repair.

Have found that the A/C condenser is leaking and needs replacement.

Brakes replaced, but are noisy.

Tailgate rusted, but is common with this vehicle.

Short in power rear window wiring at tailgate to fender through holes. Easy splice repair.

Replaced signal switch, tabs broke in steering wheel, so switch lever would not stay in the selected position. Junk yard part.

Had a short in the fuel pump wire in the engine compartment simple splice repair.

Has a idle and choke problem when first started have cleaned the idle air control, but so far hasn't solved problem still looking for culprits.

General Comments:

Acquired at 177000 miles as a extra vehicle for $900.00. For the mileage I have to say it's a great vehicle and lots of room to perform repairs. Looks great and is pretty dependable even at this mileage. Very roomy and great visibility.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2004

15th Aug 2004, 06:54

Cut the cat out and put some straight pipe in it's place. That'll buy you some time until you can get another converter.

1988 Ford Bronco Custom 5.8 from North America


A import eater


Rear window motor.

General Comments:

This is a really good offroad SUV I would buy another. lot of power on and off-road. this truck will not stop for any thing.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2003