1991 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer 302 c.i. from North America


Rough, Tough and Dependable


The motor controlling the tail-gate window is a problem because of a weak cog wheel within the gearbox.

It is somewhat sluggish with the 4 speed overdrive transmission.

General Comments:

This vehicle is tough, dependable and comfortable.

I got 300,000 miles out of the engine before having it overhauled.

The Bronco has never left me stranded.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2008

1991 Ford Bronco XLT 302 from North America


Solid 4x4 truck... Does What Its Told


Blown Head Gasket

Heater Core replaced

Radiator replaced

Rear door wiring repaired

A/C Condenser replaced and Converted to R-134


Rear main seal leaks

Gas tank leaks

Transmission shifting poorly.

No heat

General Comments:

Very dependable utility vehicle. Paid 3,600. Used for hunting, fishing, camping, hauling and daily driver. Very roomy. Solid 4x4 truck. No longer my daily driver, but now my only 4x4. Had considered selling (giving to family) but deciding to keep and make needed repairs. I'm too pleased with the performance and utility uses of this Bronco to justify parting with it and getting a monthly payment on a similar replacement.Giving 86 Tunderbird TC to 16yr old daughter and hope to give Bronco to my 8yr old son when he is ready.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2006

3rd Mar 2006, 20:58

Yes, you had better keep that thing. The early 1990's saw the last of the real 4x4's in my opinion, with the passing of the full-size Ford Bronco, the Dodge Ramcharger, and the full-size Chevy Blazer (i.e. K-5). After that, they all went to the watered-down "SUVs" which I will never believe will hold up like those older 2-door models.

10th Feb 2007, 19:05

Now this Bronco has had an additional $1,600 for complete rear brakes, master cyl., valve cover gaskets, 2nd heater core, front hubs lubed and oil changed. I gain more and more reasons to keep putting money and time into this truck. I will not part with it for any reason other than it being destroyed in an accident. They don't make em' this tough any more!

1991 Ford Bronco Silver Anniversary 351 (5.8) from North America


A beast that would not stop


Rear main seal leaked within first 100 miles. Dealer replaced within 1hr.

Power door locks quit in the 6th year. Something about graphite lube should have been used when I moved to the frozen tundra (Maine) from the deep south.

Plugs and wires every 80k miles.

Leather seat wore through on one side from sliding in and out.

Starter quit at 110k miles.

Alternator quit at 130k miles.

Transmission started the E4OD shuttering at 160k miles. Never replaced, just changed fluid and filter every year thereafter.

General Comments:

Excellent vehicle, I had planed on keeping her forever, but she gave her life protecting a friend who borrowed her. Hit hard by a Honda in the left front wheel. Ruined the 4x4 drive line, frame and separated the engine from the mounts even shearing several transmission bolts. 12k estimate to repair.

This was a great Bronco. At 100k miles it became a test to see how far she would go, as the Bronco was discontinued the year before.

Fuel economy was irrelevant as you don't buy one of these for the millage. About as aerodynamic as a sheet of plywood.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2004

25th Aug 2005, 10:45

Hey it is unfortunate that your bronco was demolished by a Honda. My silver anniversary 1991 bronco is still ripping up the roads here in North Carolina. Someone has stolen my round silver anniversary emblems that sit by each door. Do you still have yours or do you know where I can find replacements?



8th Feb 2007, 06:21

Does anyone know where I can get a SILVER ANNIVERSARY tire cover for my 1991 SILVER ANNIVERSARY BRONCO?

19th Mar 2009, 17:02

Hello there. I still have my original wheel cover for my silver anniversary, but the logo is coming off. How can I get a new one? Help.

1991 Ford Bronco XLT 5.0 V8 from North America


An off road power house


The head gasket blew at 120,000 miles.

The rusted gas tank sprang a leak which was about $200 to replace.

Had to replace the ERG valve at 100,000 miles.

General Comments:

It is very useful for off road wandering, but is a little wide for most trails.

The cabin is very comfortable and the cargo area is big enough for just about anything!

However the six shock suspension makes it a very bumpy ride.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2002

1991 Ford Bronco XLT 5.0 V8 from North America


A large and in charge machine!


When I first bought my truck the drive shaft fell out and torn the under side of my truck pretty bad. After this hold back the passenger side front tires bearings, hub, and rotor had to be replaced. The bearing were worn out and caused the tire to rub rotor and wear the hubs.

General Comments:

I have had my truck for almost a full year and had little to no problems considering it is lifted 6 inches and is running 35 inch tires.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2002

1991 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer 5.8L (351W) from North America


A solid SUV/truck that goes anywhere, but sucks gas


Only thing I had to fix so far is a PVC valve when the engine light kept coming on.

I've done little things like replaced the tailgate window seal (from Jeff's Bronco Graveyard). I had to "fix" the tailgate window switch, but anyone can do this with proper knowledge.

Bought new tires and shocks.

General Comments:

Sucks gas, but is fairly cheap to maintain considering my high mileage.

Solid off-road, but a 4" lift-kit may be in my future some day when it's no longer my daily driver.

Solid road feel once you get used to looser steering (looser than my '92 300ZX).

Buy a soft-top and a canopy hoist and enjoy topless driving! This is not car-like SUV, but then again that's why I bought it.

Proven parts and dependability. Simple design but with new items that matter like EFI and ABS.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2001