28th Jan 2009, 10:00


Your never buying a Ford again based on the performance of an ancient truck with high mileage you bought?

And your examples of automotive quality are Mopars?

Now that is ironic, funny and unbelievable all at the same time. I could see switching to Toyota... Honda.. or MAYBE even GM. But Chrysler products???

There's a reason that company has switched ownership so many times & is Currently by far in the worst Financial state. And it certainly isn't because they make a better vehicle than Ford! (Or ever have for that matter)

28th Jan 2009, 17:01

Chrysler used to make a good car up through the 1970's and into the 1980's. I can see why his '76 Volare is considered a good car. All three of ours were also good. They fell on some hard times in the 1990's and early 2000's. They seem to be doing better now, but Ford is also doing well. Don't give up on Ford just because one from the '80s was bad. Ford probably makes the best American vehicles now.

29th Jan 2009, 09:29

Yeah... I suppose you'rer right. Chrysler has made some decent products in the past (225 slant six in anything, durable 318's, and their K cars weren't horrible for the $)

And you're DEFINITELY on the money with Dodge "falling on some hard times" in more recent years! (2.7L engines were a disaster, Caravans popping head gaskets or breaking sway bar links, and pretty much ANY transmission in a full size truck was JUNK for a while there). I hope you're right about them improving, I've always thought they were reasonably priced and "good lookers"

And again, you're on the money (you're good). Ford has really made a turn around in fit & finish, Design & overall quality. Hence, they're in the best financial position of all 3. They have a great product line! Which would be improved if they actually produce the BRONCO concept truck they had at the auto show! That thing ROCKS!

Come on FORD...


24th May 2010, 23:02

Whoever owns this vehicle... it's old and you bought it with 150k plus miles... What do you think is gonna happen?

2nd May 2011, 01:58

OK. The Broncos are great trucks. I have a 1984 Bronco, 302 C6 trans, 9 inch rear. Show me any vehicle made now that will still even run after 27 years.

Vehicles now are made to last just past warranty and no longer, the car companies want you to keep buying. It's all about profit, where as older trucks were made to last. The Bronco did. I live on the west coast with lots of salt in the air and my truck still looks great and drives great, bullet proof trannys and rear end and the 302 are one of the best motors ever built.

You can have your 2011 anything. I will keep my Bronco and outclimb you. I bet you'd hate that! LOL.