1985 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer 2.8 liter from North America


An excellent, reliable small SUV


The vehicle ran fairly well when I purchased it, but I soon changed from the factory computer-controlled carburetor system to the older-style Duraspark ignition and standard carburetor. This made the engine much more reliable.

A little over a year after I bought the Bronco II, the engine blew two piston rings which basically ruined the engine. This was partially because of driving style and oil leaks that I did not keep a close enough eye on. No other parts of the engine showed unusual wear. I installed a re-manufactured engine after this happened.

The transfer case shift linkage was also out of adjustment when I first bought the vehicle. I could not shift into 4x4 low. This was a very simple problem to fix.

General Comments:

Despite the few small problems encountered with this vehicle, overall the Bronco II has performed excellent for me. I absolutely love this little 4x4. It drives and rides very comfortably, and although it may be a bit underpowered with the stock engine, it can run well on the highway. Gas mileage can also drop very low depending on driving style. I have had numbers everywhere from 10 mpg up to 22 mpg. I have however made a few simple engine modifications that have improved performance considerably and have helped my economy as well.

The Bronco II's small size and 4-wheel drive will take you anywhere you want to go, in comfort and security. I have had a lot of fun with this vehicle and I doubt I will ever get rid of it.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2003

1985 Ford Bronco II 2.8L V6 from North America


Weekend truck


Strange clicking in the engine, like it misses or needs tappet adjustments.

The head-liner has holes in it from some sort of a tool.

It required a new clutch when purchased.

Regular maintenance of course.

Low powered.

General Comments:

I am impressed to say the very least.

This vehicle has the feel of a responsive and agile 4x4, and astounds even the most experienced trail veterans. It has a confident feel and a distinct jeep like action, with the dependability of a Ford truck, and is a well designed system.

The Bronco II is worthy of a definite recommendation for an inexpensive, good performing machine.

I have no doubt this truck will impress you, and show you it is the truck for the

weekend warrior.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2002

9th Jan 2004, 11:07

I have a 1986 Ford B II and I so far didn't have any problems with it and it has 318,139 kilometers on it. I only had to replace the battery. I can take it on sharp corners without it tipping because I can wipe donuts with it. To me they are reliable.

1985 Ford Bronco II 2.8 V6 from North America


It's old and expensive to run, but I wouldn't trade it for a new vehicle


Air Conditioner Leaks Freon (next thing to be fixed)

Automatic Overdrive Transmission required rebuild ($1500)

Rear Drive shaft replaced ($200)

I had to rebuild the carburetor ($25 for the kit)

Leaky valve covers (tightened them myself)

Replaced the alternator.

Cruise Control hasn't worked since I've owned it.

General Comments:

I traded a computer for this 4x4 in running condition, but needing some work. The transmission had just been "rebuilt" by a fly-by-nite shop and about 10,000 miles later, I had to put it back in for a complete rebuild by another shop who also replaced the rear drive shaft with a custom one that uses regular u-joints vice the CV-joint shaft than comes from the factory.

Overall, it's been a very good vehicle for me and very reliable even when the transmission was acting up. It's a bit hard to keep running when the engine is cold, but once it's warmed for a couple of minutes, it's ready to go anywhere.

With it's 4.10 gear ratio, it gets about 12-13 miles per gallon, city or highway. It's handling takes some getting used to. It's never been raised, but is running taller than stock tires. It will turn around in a goat trail and go almost anywhere I care to drive it. And during winter storms, it's kept me going.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2002

18th Jun 2004, 16:26

Since you have had some Transmission problems with your bronco, maybe you can help. I have a 85 Eddie Bauer automatic v-6. The transmission got hot and blew all the fluid out. Had new seal installed, but the fluid still blew out around the seal after 3 tries! The seal is still intact. Am at a lose as to what to do next. Any hints would be greatly appreciated? Have blown out the hoses, etc because it sounds like a pressure problem, still no success???

22nd Jun 2004, 20:16

Well, I have a 89 bronco full size with the same problem. I found out one of my leaks is from the dip stick filler tube. maybe you can try that...

17th Nov 2009, 09:25

I hope you can help me!? I bought an 85 Bronco II for 300 from a family friend. The transmission in it didn't have reverse and overdrive, so we fixed the other transmission that had reverse in it. It drove perfect for about 4 hours. While we were going down the road, I went to push on the gas and all that happened was a grinding sound and the truck would not move. It's not grinding gears, it is grinding something in the transmission. Before we left the house, we put 5 quarts of transmission fluid in it. Then about 4 hours later when it quit, we checked and the transmission is bone dry with metal shavings. So we walked down the road and put 3 more quarts in and pushed it off the road, but by morning it had all leaked out. Do you have any suggestions?

17th Nov 2009, 16:08

My suggestion is that you cut your losses and get a better car.

Sometimes $300 is not such a great deal after all.