1970 Ford Capri GTXLR 2.6 petrol from Netherlands


Addictive car


These cars are strong. Just after I bought it, I had to go off the road because a car was about to hit me. The Capri hit a tree in the side, and the tree catapulted the Capri onto its roof. Terrible for the Capri. I had nothing, seat belts are not built in this model. All windows were intact, laying on its roof. I even had to turn the engine off while it was leaking oil through the carburetor, amazing. The car still was drivable, and when braking and driving, the car seemed straight. That's when I decided to restore the rust free car. So new roof, new left door, body off restoration. 2 years later, it had the green light to go on the road again.

These cars are getting old, so don't buy one for daily use, but like a senior, take it on ride once a week. Keep it dry as much as possible. The gearbox and engine can slightly leak. Spare parts are mainly cheap and available.

General Comments:

Very fun to drive, suspension very hard. 70's feeling in the car. Nice interior as well.

Dangerous outbreaks when the road is wet. Likes gasoline as an elephant likes water.

In my opinion, the nicest Capri is this model mk1; much chrome, many rounding and details. Mk2 and 3 are made to 80's straight.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 8th January, 2011