1981 Ford Capri Ghia 3 litre petrol from UK and Ireland


This Capri always made me smile


Wheel bearings seized.

Fuel gauge gave false readings.

General Comments:

I loved this car! The sound of the V6 engine starting up, and the initial rock of the bonnet from side to side as it started never failed to make me smile. Normally I wouldn't go for an automatic, but as I wanted this car I succumbed, and found it fine... apart from some comedy moments in the wet, and a complete inability to move (apart from in circles) in the snow!

The car was in reasonable condition as it had been restored a few years earlier for a Ford Show, apparently to show the transition from Capri to Cougar.

For an, at the time, 20 year old car, this car still pulled and always made me laugh when boy racers in hot hatches tried to race me on the motorway until the kick down worked like a dream.

The power steering made parking a cinch, though I had a few near misses with over steer initially as my previous cars had no power steering! On the straight this car was fab, on the bends it was interesting as all Capris are. My theory that with the heavy 3L engine the car would hold the road better was swiftly disproved!

I have had 7 Capris and I think this was my fave.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2006

31st Jul 2009, 11:14


I had in total 7 Capri's, with 5 at the same time :-), you get a little addicted.

I love it still, the best fit in a car ever.

The V6 is better in holding the nose down, with my 2lit 4cyl GT4 the nose came somewhat loose from the road at 200 km/h.

As a family car it is a little small, so at first I bought me a 2.8V6 Granada Tournier and later a Volvo 760 2.8V6.

I kept one, my 1981 2.3V6 Ghia.