1987 Ford Capri 280 Brooklands Special 2.8 V6 from UK and Ireland


A VERY fast car for men... NOT BOYS!


Nothing has gone wrong with it since new in 14 YEARS (apart from the usual things like battery, tyres (one set) and exhaust (one pair of stainless steel replacements))!

Has to be the most reliable car I have ever owned, as I have had it from new I have taken a great deal of care of it in 14 years.

Nothing is worn and everything is still concourse condition, makes the new plastic cars look very cheap and badly made! Insured now for more than it cost new!!

General Comments:

The car goes far quicker than I have been able to get it to, so I will never know its top speed (or want to) - had it to the end of the speedo (130) and it was certainly NOT flat out. Handling can be a bit quirky, but if you drive it long enough it is easy to look after and very predictable, UNLIKE front wheel drives. With Bilsteins all round it handles very quickly and safely if you have the bottle.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2001

7th Nov 2005, 07:39

Not a bad car, but nothing by todays standard. looks terrible. too heavy.

19th Nov 2005, 16:36

A beautiful car with more heritage and style than any modern car around.

18th Mar 2008, 17:17

To the guy who says it looks terrible - Specsavers are doing some good offers at the moment.

It's a classic shape - that long bonnet and curved rear quarterlight. Iconic.

The 2.8 Injection was the car I lusted after as a kid. I wanted a Caspian Blue one with the pepperpot alloys.

1987 Ford Capri 280 Brooklands 2.8 Injection V6 from UK and Ireland


Characterful coupe and great fun to drive


The car is getting on in years and a few things have gone wrong.

An intermittent fault with the ECU which made the engine cut out, cured by replacing with a new one.

Seized front near-side brake caliper. Gave me the impetus to upgrade to four-pot calipers. (This is necessary as the standard Capri brakes are woefully inadequate)

Both cylinder head gaskets.

Temperature gauge sender unit.

Electric aerial needed replacing (My local Ford dealership supplied and fitted a new electric aerial but wired it up incorrectly which meant the battery drained overnight. They also couldn't locate their mistake, but an Auto-Electric specialist found it in 30 minutes).

General Comments:

I've fitted a K&N air filter and a Janspeed fast road manifold and exhaust system as the only performance mods to this car. The sound is fantastic, from the deep rumble when idling to the roar under acceleration.

Although the engine doesn't produce massive power (160 BHP as standard) the car performs well above 3000 RPM, acceleration being quite rapid for a big car.

However, it is the handling that pleases the most. Its easy to push the tail out (too easy in the wet :-) not everyone's cup of tea but great fun for me, the steering is precise, and the driving position is good.

For all its faults I forgive the Brooklands because its such a fun, characterful and exclusive car to own.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2001

7th Jul 2001, 07:39

This is now a rare and sought after car. Hang on to it!

You lucky so-and-so!!

12th Jul 2001, 08:04

My Brooklands had exactly the same electrical fault - it would just stop and only start again when it felt like it. Now thankfully cured. Door seals have all perished and need replacing. Drivers seat has had better days. Capri Club International do a nice line in parts and leather restorer and are not too expensive. Rusting front wings and rear wheel arches can be a daily battle. The steel bumpers esp the front ones where the indicators go are not a great design and encourage virulent rusting.

Performance is the real plus point and you can surprise many modern 'fast' car drivers on a motorway as it propels you from 60 to licence losing speeds effortlessly without changing down. Don't show off at the lights though, the huge chassis needs a bit of time to get going and it makes a lot of unseemly noise (unless you like that kind of thing.) Its supposed to do 130mph but I've always chickened out at 120 and I think its getting too old for that kind of abuse.

Round town its a thirsty beast - drive it carefully and you'll get 180 miles from a full tank of 4 star. On the open road - even if you enjoy yourself a bit it'll take you 300 miles+

Despite the cost I still love it and my girlfriend will never let me part with it. Its a big, comfy, solid, stylish growler of a car.