1989 Ford Capri XR2 Turbo B6T from Australia and New Zealand


Hmmm an 89 model, could this be an early "built Ford tough" prototype?


Typical cracked exhaust manifold (replaced before problem.

Trim/body falling apart.

General Comments:

2.5' turbo back exhaust, very good dyno tune (S&S racing sunshine west Victoria Australia) unknown engine internals, but 106kw at wheels on 13psi.

It has taken out a bug eyed WRX, s13 turbo Silvia, R32 golf, BA XR8 Falcon; this is a mid 13 sec car!!!

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Review Date: 31st October, 2007

1989 Ford Capri from Australia and New Zealand


The poor mans convertible


I had to replace the radiator six months after buying the car.

It runs just like any old four cylinder car, and frankly I feel ripped off. I paid Australian $7,500 for what was basically a 13-year-old Ford Laser!!

Considering that is all they are - a ford laser, or a Mazda 323, why are the standard models so expensive? A used Ford Laser made in the same year as my Capri (89) would go for about Australian $3000.

The roof is unbelievably bad. The clips pop open whenever I go over a pot hole in the road.

The suspension is a shocker. I always feel like I am bouncing along on a rocky dirt road - and that is when I am driving in the city.

The locks on both doors have rusted inside, probably due to rain, and the key does not work in them anymore. As a result, I have to leave it unlocked at all times. Not a good idea.

My last Capri was far better performance wise. It was an 1992 XR2 Turbo and was very zippy indeed. However the roof was also a shocker, and the alternator belt went TWICE in the first three months, then a head gasket blew.

I would have kept the car - I loved it, especially the leather seats. But it was stolen.

Has anybody else had problems with the radio? In both my capris the reception was terrible - crackles and has lots of static. In both it was so bad I never use the radio and only listen to Cd's when driving. A friend who used to own one said she had the same problem.

General Comments:

Ford Capri's are only worth the money if you are going to spring for a Turbo model.

I have seen some around town that are really hotted up with sports bumper bars, alloy wheels, etc and they look really terrific.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2003