1990 Ford Capri 1.6 single cam from Australia and New Zealand


An enjoyable car for Ford enthusiasts


Front right hand side pop up light would not work.

Dash electrics have failed twice over the time I have owned the vehicle.

Water pump broke within six months of purchasing car.

Gearstick has collapsed twice.

Currently the gear stick is beginning to rattle again.

Engine tappets are making noise.

General Comments:

An enjoyable car to drive and especially in summer (if you live on the coast). Parts can be expensive as a cracked tail light cost me $800 dollars from the Ford dealer.

A bit of money can turn this car into a head turner; although the single cam engine is reliable, the problem is that the engine is slow to accelerate.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2009

1990 Ford Capri SA 1.6 injected from Australia and New Zealand


Looks great and fun to drive, but definitely not a sports car.


Fuel gauge broken at around 140,000 km.

Often idles at around 500 RPM, shaking terribly.

One of the pop-up headlights had dirty contacts - it wouldn't go down until a mechanic cleaned them.

Passenger side window will only go down from the drivers side control.

Indicator/light stalk is oddly sensitive to any forward pressure and can flash the high beams when trying to indicate at night.

Both inside door pulls have fallen off.

Glove box handle broken off.

Electric mirrors sound as if they are about to burn out.

General Comments:

The Capri was based on the Ford Laser so mechanically they are quite reliable.

I have the Automatic model. It's a 3-speed unit and is rather fuel in-efficient.

61kw is not much power and the car must be revved very hard to extract any kind of performance. The engine also lacks torque so ascending a steep hill can be a painful experience. The turbo models are much, much quicker, but unfortunately they were never available with an auto transmission.

Despite its bad points, I do really like this car. Its fun in the summer time, looks great and is good to drive especially in city traffic.

A better buy would be a series II model from 91-onwards. They had a much zippier twin cam engine and a 4-speed auto.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2002

25th Sep 2002, 20:39

I would like to let you know that it was a great report.

I have a Capri '90, and yes, I have the exact same problems, they are as follows:

- The high beams are VERY sensitive, and when touched at night, the high beams flash on (very frustrating).

- Yes, my glove box is also locked, and the handle has broken off.

- My electric mirrors are too loud as well.

- The exact same thing happens to me, I can only put down the passenger window using my window switch.

- And the cover thing for my arm rest on the driver's side door keeps falling off too.

It's good to know people have the same problem with their Capri's.

Thanks buddy.

15th Jul 2006, 19:29

I had a Series II 1991 Capri Convertible with the twin cam engine and 5 Speed transmission. Wow what a fantastic car. I bought it second hand with 40,000km I owned it for 5 years and clocked up 200,000+km of very very hard diving and terrible abuse with the taco sitting in the red zone on every gear change and I never had a days trouble. This car was just unbreakable! Absolutely nothing went wrong, only normal servicing, tyres etc.. This vehicle may look a bit dated, but it is built like a tank. I sold it 2 years ago, and I still pine for it. Biggest mistake I ever made was selling it!

4th Aug 2006, 05:59

Hi, I am driving my second Capri, a 90 SA turbo, and OK, like all cars, it has a few problems with age.

Now I'm not going to extoll the virtues of these great cars, but I would like to let others know the interior door handles are available from Ford Australia or capriparts.com, or at least they were!

Safe and happy driving,


15th Aug 2007, 23:06

I have a dohc 1.6 v which I have only had the pleasure of driving for 2 weeks before the gears packed up. I have been looking for a replacement transmission at a reasonable price, but there don't seem to be many or any dual cam transmissions for a 1990 dohc out there. G.