1981 Ford Corcel II L 1.6 petrol from Uruguay


A good and cheap option if you find one sound and running


The engine and gearbox had to be pulled out twice during the first 10000 km, under warranty, due to faulty transmission. Twice again before the car had 50000 km, each and every time needing a complete new clutch set.

Water drained into the oil sump at around 80000 km. Solved by a ring job.

Rust: trunk bottom, around the windows, rear quarters, front fenders, door sills. All before the car was 5 years old. Never repaired it, I just kept on driving it until it was beyond repair and bought a brand new car.

Difficult cold startup.

Terrible defogging, bad heating system.

Difficult tight parking due to very heavy steering.

Terrible gearbox, even when it was running OK, easy to miss a gear, any mechanical sound I've ever heard came out of the thing.

Brakes went completely dead when I drove it to the dealer as a trade-in.

General Comments:

Even though the car had many faults and shortcomings, it had an excellent cargo area, big doors, seats where you could take out a heavy overcoat without much trouble, and good fit and finish.

The rear seat had very little leg and hip space, especially if the driver was a tall person.

Great open road manners. The car would stick to the road at reasonable speeds, at 120 km/h you felt a great sense of control.

It was great as a first brand new car!

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Review Date: 10th December, 2003

1981 Ford Corcel II 1.4 gasoline from Uruguay


A good first car for younger people, durable and not expensive



Clutch worn out.


High oil consumption.

General Comments:

A comfortable two door sedan, with a deep trunk, low on fuel and power.

I had another from the same year with the 1.6 engine and 5 speed, was much better.

Lighter steering than the 1.6 due to skinny tires and lighter front end.

Poor ventilation and defogger.

Cheap looking fit and finish inside.

Very durable car.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2003

1980 Ford Corcel II LDO Belina 1.6 gasoline from Uruguay


Good, reliable and low cost car if you can find a no rust example


Clutch cable broke once.

Water pump broke at about 70.000 km.

Rust in door sills, windowsills from 7 years of age.

General Comments:

Great hauling capability.

Comfortable access - egress, good space for front seats. Really big doors.

Cramped space on the rear seat, difficult access due to the 3 door configuration.

Long throws from 2nd to 3rd speed.

Very heavy steering.

Hard starting in mild winter weather, and really poor low end power when only a bit cold.

Very reliable workhorse, low kilometers, but very heavy loading with good results.

The second owner did around 50.000 km on it without any major overhaul, its third owner totaled it against a bus.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2003