1964 Ford Cortina GT 1.5-litre petrol from UK and Ireland


WRX of its day, but with 1960's lack of durability


Brake pads and linings faded and needed very frequent replacement (front, 5,000 miles). Early model had manual rear brake adjustment which meant climbing underneath, but automatic adjustment on later models over-reacted on hot drums and left brakes stuck on the next morning. Back to the drawing board! Ferodo hard pads/linings solved the problem. Clutch burned out after 12,000 miles, changed four times, before finally changing for heavy-duty type. Manual clutch adjustment could be a little inconvenient at times of heavy percipitation. Front struts bent and once one came out of its housing on rebound and through the wing after a bad bump. That aside, reasonably reliable.

Door sills and rear valance prone to damage. Car was very light (paint shell with metal sprayed on?) and cracked over rear axle.

General Comments:

Back in 1964 this was the Impreza WRX of its day. Usual story of company using owners of new model as unpaid testers and avoiding warranty where possible. In those days, warranty was one year, 12,000 miles.

Rear leaf springs too soft, and needed changing for estate model springs. Petrol tank prone to damage, but Ford offered tank shield which solved the problem if you used high density foam between. Eight-gallon fuel tank meant carrying two 4.5-gallon jerry cans if you were driving all night.

No engine problems, but needed Duckhams to reduce oil consumption after 20,000 miles. Castrolite turned to consistency of water after 50 hard miles and oil pressure dropped from 40 to 20psi.

Handled surprising well considering the tyres were so narrow (155x13).

Fortunately there was a wide range of uprated parts available. Just as well as in many area the standards parts were totally inadequate. Final drive was a bit high for anything other than A-roads. Fortunately differentials in range of ratios were available for some Stg.5.00 from breaker's yard. Very easy to work on. Very cheap and nasty interior.

Went round corners reasonably well. Stopped well, but only with DS11/VG95 brake material. No fuses, but never a problem. Dynamo and small battery meant you had to be aware of load.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2005