1987 Ford Country Squire LX 5.0 EFI from North America


Fantastic comfortable long journey car


Coolant looked like coffee with creamer in it when I bought it; took 3 flushes over 3 months to get it clean.

The overdrive is so tall that the cruise control will let the car slow to 45 on a 1-2% grade unless you drop it into regular drive by hand; in other words, in cruise it will not downshift on its own.

General Comments:

Car starts right up, even in minus 25 degree F. temps.

She runs so smooth and quiet that you might not realize it is running, and try to start it while it is running.

I have had a class one receiver hitch installed to pull a motorcycle trailer, and it pulls it so nice you don't even know it is back there.

The ride and general comfort of the car is unreal. For such a big car, it sure is fun to drive, and it just has a nice classy feel to it.

Very quiet, no rattles or any wind noise at all.

I have the "no fake wood side panels" option with some mild vinyl graphics, and I get compliments almost every time I stop! It is a "baby blue" factory color, with raspberry/cranberry graphics.

I would recommend to any friend of mine, that if they could find a similar low mile example in the general condition, this one is in to jump on it!

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2011

2nd May 2011, 01:30

Actually, there was never any "no fake wood side panels option" for the Country Squire. A car with no woodgrain was called a Crown Victoria wagon, not a Squire.

1983 Ford Country Squire 5.0 302 V8 from North America


The best car from the eighties (which isn't saying much)


Nothing mechanical has gone wrong.

General Comments:

Very comfortable, looks good, and is affordable to drive. Has been very reliable this last six months. This car gets great gas mileage, 21 mpg on average. I drive almost 800 miles a week and I will not hesitate driving it anywhere.

I bought it in Seattle and drove it home to Boise on my first day of ownership.

I get compliments everywhere I go with it, and would not trade it for any new SUV or mini van. These cars are nice when they have been taken care of.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2010

23rd Jan 2011, 14:33

The cars of the eighties were generally better than anything made today.

24th Jan 2011, 07:59

"The cars of the eighties were generally better than anything made today."

Not if you lived in the U.S. then. I remember how shoddy the quality was on 80's domestic cars. I had a Foxbody Mustang, and you could literally see the welds on the back pillars by the hatch through the sub par paintjob. Very poor assembly line techniques.

They improved somewhat in the 90's, but domestic cars didn't really take a leap of quality until later in the first decade of the 21st century.