2002 Ford Crown Victoria LX V8 from North America


A solid buy. Well worth the Money


Nothing at all.

The car still runs and drives like it did when it was new. Just oil changes and that is it. It will be due for the 100K mile service soon. I hope it does not cost too much. We don't have the income that we did in 2002.

General Comments:

At almost 100,000-miles the car would pass to still be new.

This car is solid and I am glad that we bought it.

The top of the doors are too pointed and will hit you in the face sometimes.

The back seat is not as huge as it should be.

We average about 20 miles per gallon, but about 1/3 is city driving, but still gas is $2.30 a gal. So we may have to down size next time, but for now it is cheaper to keep driving this wonderful car instead of payments again.

We would get a new one, but they are so dated now, so we will just keep this one and drive it till it won't go anymore. We guess 250,000-miles.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2006

12th Dec 2006, 16:01

Probably more than that if you really want to keep it that long. I've seen odometers on 01s and 02s that had been used as taxis and courier vehicles, and they had over 600K on the clock. The owners replaced the transmissions once or twice, but the engine was untouched. Very well designed cars.

2nd May 2007, 18:42

Very good cars indeed, I just saw a Town Car for sale on ebay with 551,000 miles on it.

2002 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport 4.6 from North America


530 I performance for a Ford price


Drivers door sticks on opening. I haven't taken it to the dealer for repair yet.

General Comments:

This car does about everything I'd like it to. It is a pleasure to drive.

Since my last car was a Jeep, I'm still getting used to the capabilities of the Ford. Anything except deep snow can be handled better with the Ford.

Rear seat room and odd trunk size are a little dissapointing. Drivers seat in relation to the steering wheel and pedals is the best I've had. I've owned about 40 cars.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2003

2002 Ford Crown Victoria LX - Sport 4.6 V8 from North America


This car IS the ultimate driving machine!



General Comments:

This car is awesome, Ford has created a hot sporty vehicle in their largest rear wheel drive car. Similar (but better) to what Chevy did in 1995 with their Caprice... and turning it into the Impala SS. The car is glued to the road, handles tight and responsive, tons of room and comfort. Has every available feature/option Ford offers.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2001

25th May 2004, 09:32

I am indifferent when it comes to comparing a Ford Crown Vic LX to the 1994-96 Impala SS. In no means does the Crown Vic handle or out perform the Impala SS, unless you have did some mods to it. The Merauder is about the closet thing to the Impala SS. But, I will agree though the big car is great to drive; they are comfortable, secure, durable, and for the most part very dependable.