1974 Ford Econoline E-300 204 from North America


I hope it lasts for another 20 years


This is the cheapest vehicle that I have ever owned.

The steering was shot when I bought it. It's still the only trouble I have. I think the idler arm is the problem now.

The front engine seal went out in 1988, and we rebuilt it with a short block and I put hard seats in the head. I now have 86000 miles on this engine.

A few years ago, the c-4 tranny went out. I was pleased that the cost was only $650.00. Last year I started rebuild it again. That's when we decided that I bought it at 187k not 87k.

General Comments:

The parts that are available are cheap. 302 engine, C-4 tranny, Dana 60 rear end. The parts I can't find, I try to cross with a pickup. The blinker lenses are 63 pickups. My son likes the fact that I can change the points and plugs from the front seat. He never saw a V-8 before.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2009

1974 Ford Econoline E-300 V8 from North America


Strong van when well maintained


I have only had a few problems. At around 100,000 miles a part of the steering mechanism popped loose. When I turned the steering wheel the wheels would not change direction until a full spin of the steering wheel. I had to replace the main bearing of the Y-joint steering. Every rod was taken off before I could take the bearing off the chassis. It also took a pneumatic press to pop the bearing loose of it's clasp. A replacement bearing was $150. As I understand it, the Y-joint steering was one of the worst designs ever. It was too easy to foul it up.

Aside from that, the only other problem I've had was that a radiator hose popped at 110,000 miles.

General Comments:

This van did get a remodeled engine at 87,000 miles because of years of disuse.

This is the cargo van model.

It has been hit twice in the back. Only once was there any trouble from an accident, when hit by the other vehicle my gas tank was punctured.

Overall, I do enjoy having a large van and I haven't had any huge problems with it. It starts every time even though I only drive it about once a week.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2003

7th Mar 2004, 14:19

In response to a review posted re: 1974 FORD E-300 VAN and it's inherent Y-JOINT STEERING flaws, I could use more detail about the dysfunction. Did the reviewer encounter this difficulty while at cruising speed? This seems like it could be a potentially life-threatening problem, if in traffic. I am about to purchase a 1973 E300 and presume that the steering construct is the same. Can anyone offer any info on this subject? My family and I offer many thanks.

28th Mar 2004, 21:13

To answer your question sir, models from 1970 to 1976 had the Y joint I believe. And yes this is a life threatening problem, my advice is to buy a later model van. The 70's weren't a terrific time for American car manufacturers anyway.