1976 Ford Econoline E250 300 6 cylinder. from North America


They are plentiful and a 1975-1991 interchangeable parts makes them cheap and easy to get.


Fuel tank needed flushed soon after I purchased the van.

The starter solenoid went next, followed by the starter.

Most of the weatherstripping is missing or badly worn. Being an older van this is expected.

The windshield leaked, even though it was replaced new before I bought the van.

General Comments:

I owned vans in the 70's, a 67 Chevy and a 71 Econoline 150, loved them both. I bought the E-250 from a friend for $500.00. It has great potential for a project conversion as it is roomy and already has a bed/table built in. I bought it solely for skydiving weekend getaways. The money saved on hotels will be spent on the conversion project "SKYVAN2". A jump buddy of mine already has "SKYVAN1".

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 26th April, 2003