1989 Ford Econoline Conversion 351/5.8L from North America


Big, slow, and ugly


Nothing really, it seemed to be pretty reliable. We put a transmission cooler on it for towing.

General Comments:

The van was extremely comfortable, it had enormous room and was like a small apartment inside! Had a table in the back for eating and whatnot. Very neat.

We used the van to tow our 24ft boat. The 351 was decently strong, but left something to be desired when hitched to the boat. Hill climbing required full throttle and takeoffs held up traffic. Once it got rolling it just kind of glided on down the highway with 6,000lbs of boat at 70mph.

Gas mileage absolutely horrendous, like 10mpg city, and 15 highway.

All faults aside it was a neat van, but when we got rid of it in 2002 it was time for it to go. It was getting up there in the miles, and the engine was starting to knock badly, so we ditched it. Was fun while it lasted though, really cool on vacations and roadtrips. Wonderful ride.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2008

1989 Ford Econoline AM 7.3 from North America


It's a bargain


The model of the van is AM = AMBULANCE.

The chassis is heavy duty, it weighs approx 9000lbs. I am not getting good gas mileage, this is the first diesel I have owned. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do to increase the mileage?

General Comments:

The van is extremely comfortable with leather seats.

I purchased the van to use on vacations.

I am slowly making the transition from ambulance to cargo van.

The van has a/c in front and rear, cabinet space and was fully equipped to run as an ambulance with lights and radios when purchased.

Does anyone know where I might look for a manual for servicing.

Thank you.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2003

26th Jan 2008, 03:05

Disconnect the AC belt for better mileage. If you need AC maybe just disconnect it in the winter. Ebay has everything - try to get the Ford factory service manual.

1989 Ford Econoline Universal Ridgefield 302 EFI from North America


Best all around vehicle I have found for the money


Oil pan developed a rust hole on driver's side of pan and had to be replaced.

Passenger front wheel bearing went out while driving. This was rather frightening, but an easy fix.

Front A/C fan control switch had to be replaced.

All of the above occurred in the first two months of ownership and I have had no problems since.

General Comments:

I was driving a Grand Prix GTP, but with the addition of a third child we needed more space. I couldn't talk myself into a mini-van so I bought the full size conversion. So far this has been the best vehicle purchase I have made. I don't see how anyone could buy an SUV when you can get one of these for half the money.

Ours has the bed and the TV and VCR with a Playstation for the kids. (Priceless on long trips.)

The amount of room this van has is phenomenal! Our seats are quick release style so in about ten minutes I can be driving a F-150 pickup with a roof.

Ride comfort is unmatched. My grandparents have a Lincoln Town Car and it is no where near as comfortable.

The only downside to the van is the mileage. I've been averaging around 15mpg or so. A couple of times I've seen it go as high as 22mpg on the highway, but that is being very gentle with the accelerator.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2003

1989 Ford Econoline E-150 Club Wagon XLT 5.0 V8 from North America


Great durability, and very fun


Tires replaced every 40,000 miles.

Ignition replaced three times, every time during extremely cold conditions.

Transmission is starting to slip.

Oil pan is starting to leak.

Rear leaf springs have rusted off.

Passenger side sliding door is falls off from time to time.

Heavy maintenance on brakes, and alignment.

General Comments:

Great vehicle, it has gone everywhere. There is no reason for this vehicle to still run, but it does. Impossible to kill, its done everything and been everywhere. Lots of room, excellent top end performance, off the line pick-up isn't the best. Goes anywhere, mud, sand, snow, ice. Whatever is in your way, you can go through it, or get stuck trying, but the van will live to see another day.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2002

1989 Ford Econoline ltd 5.8 from North America


A real SUV


Most of this cars problems can be traced back to the prior owner.

The vacum lines had to be re-routed most of them had been caped, cut, or were missing hence causing crappy performance.

The other problem was the ignition switch once replaced all good.

General Comments:

This car is king of the highway its 351 shows who's boss. Its eaten its share of 70k euro sports cars not bad for its 750 dollar cost. The comfort is unbeatable huge split bench plus plenty of people and cargo space. Gas mileage is also great when the size is taken into account. The handleing is also good for its size.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2002

15th Jan 2010, 15:51

Proud owner of a 1981 Ford E-100 302 2bbl 3 speed with over drive standard transmission. Best and most fun vehicle I have ever owned... slow, cumbersome, and thirsty!!... None the less, the 2008 Jetta is my commuter vehicle.. BUT!! When I want to go for a drive... it's my baby that I run to!... God bless Ford for the Econoline.