1995 Ford Econoline E150 Cargo 5.8L 351ci V8 from North America


One huge, reliable, gas chugging machine


Serpentine belt at 222000 miles.

Seats worn prior.

Rust on top prior.

Oil pan leak prior.

12DC not working prior.

Shifter column is off prior (ie. 2=D and 1=2 and so on).

Horn broke prior.

Blower motor almost broke (intermittently makes a very loud noise).

General Comments:

This van, for what it is, can be pretty amazing. I bought it as a cheap used van to use as a 2nd misc vehicle. It was a 15 passenger van that has been gutted for cargo use.

For a 15 year old engine with almost 1/4 million miles, it starts and runs like a brand new vehicle, and for a American van, I am wowed.

It does leak oil from the pan, but holds good pressure. BTW, you have to almost pull the motor to change the gasket... I'm gonna let it leak for a while before replacement.

Blower motor isn't the best, but considering the original AC actually works and is ice cold, it's fortunate IMHO.

Main drive belt was bad from the start, but that's normal W&T, and was able to fix within 30 minutes with minimal tools.

It does handle like a boat, and do not care for a "spongy" feel.. more firm suspension would be a plus.

Other reviews have not been so kind to the 4.9 and 5L versions of this van, but the 5.8L/V8 I own has proven itself to me for what I use it for, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to purchase one.

It can carry more than you will ever need to pack in it... just keep the brakes changed in the front, because it's hungry.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2010