1998 Ford Econoline Club Wagon 4.6L from North America


Reliable car with good repair record, but thirsty on gas



Replaced radiator 2x

Replaced front heater core 1x

Replaced rear heater core 1x

Replaced piping to rear heater core 1x

Replaced voltage regulator 1x

Replaced all front suspension components 1x


Replaced front brakes multiple x

Replaced spark plugs multiple x

Changed tranny fluid 2x

Paint is starting to peel after 10+ yrs.

General Comments:

Overall, the van is good and is quite reliable. It is quite thirsty, though, with 16mpg being the average. They key is to have it full of people when it's on the road!

I have been very pleased with my van. Maintenance costs are low, with the exception of front brakes. It eats front brakes.

Most maintenance and repairs can be done by the weekend mechanic. The spark plugs are very deeply recessed in the head, so they are very tricky to replace.

Great comfort for long road trips. A/C is awesome (meat locker quality)

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Review Date: 5th January, 2010

1998 Ford Econoline Club Wagon XLT Triton V10 from North America


Loved this wonderful vehicle for 11 years so far


Initially had occasional "anti-stop" brakes, but were fixed in a recall. (Over rough surfaces the anti-lock went anti-stop.)

Rear air conditioning leak.

Rust starting in one spot on right side after 11 years outdoors in Ohio.

General Comments:

The two issues above were each fixed first time taken to the dealer. No other problems. No other repairs in 11 years. This vehicle needs very little maintenance. Brakes and battery last a long time (we are on the second battery now). Still has the original exhaust. My wife loves this 12 passenger van.

With good rear snow tires no problems in Ohio winters. No need to add weight in the back. V10 is a great engine.

13 MPG highway, 11 MPG city.

Just starting to get some rust on the bottom of the back right side - we keep it outside. Ohio uses salt in winter.

We'll probably pay for body work to patch that spot. My wife never wants to give up this vehicle.

Very comfortable to drive.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2009

1998 Ford Econoline Club Wagon 4.7 from North America


Good truck, bad dealer experiences.


I have replaced the front brakes every 25-30k miles. Rear shoes at 110k miles.

I have changed oil every 5k miles and it looks clean at the current time, I have used 5w30 synthetic and have changed to 0w20 synthetic since it was new.

I have the passenger version. The engine has almost enough power, I have found it shifting down at highway speeds.

Attempted to change plugs and wires, well worth the $300 to have it done.

Switched to GM Dex cool after a very good flushing due to the longevity, no issues due to this.

Replaced a coil pack at 80k miles.

Replaced both front spindles, I suspect premature failure, at 130k miles.

Replaced rear rusted brake line at 140k miles.

I have added much sound insulation and it is very quiet.

At 85k miles replaced alternator.

I would not purchase another Ford product as I had issues with multiple dealers (3) where my truck was damaged upon return.

I test drove a 2008 GMC 15 passenger and decided it was less expensive to keep my van. Other than dealer issues, I would consider purchasing another.

General Comments:

Performance is OK.

Seat comfort is good.

A/C works great. Refrigerator on wheels.

Same with heat, oven on wheels.

Replaced the stock AM/FM premium sound head with aftermarket, stock stereo was less than OK.

Mirrors are good and make maneuvering good for a passenger van.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2008

1998 Ford Econoline E150 from North America


Very good purchase


30000 miles: Front brakes completely replaced because they never felt quite right (sometimes brakes are too sensitive, other times too mushy). This problem, though lessened, remains.

35000: Oxygen Sensor replaced.

35000: Lower ball joints replaced.

50000: Tires replaced.

General Comments:

Very solid feeling vehicle.

Quality engineering throughout.

Absolutely no fluid leakage under the hood.

Certainly one of Ford's better products.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2002

18th Jul 2003, 23:52

My 98 E-150 chateau van needed new pads, rotors and ball joints at 35k, pads are shot again at 57k compare this to my 89 E350 diesel :- New pads turn rotors @88k new pads rotors calipers @165k E4OD trans replaced at @83k new fuel pump and injectors @125k currently has 189k on odometer. This is a heavily loaded van and I use the transmission for braking all the time and live in hilly west Portland Oregon. I am now training the wife to use transmission braking in the '98 E150 but this lighter van can lose rear traction when shifted down in wet weather. Surely someone makes a better front brake for the E150?