2000 Ford Econoline E350 Super Duty 6.8L V10 from North America


Overall a very good van


At 140,000km the front spindles had to be replaced because they became corroded (rusty) where the bearing seal sits. I don't consider this to be normal wear and tear, and complained to Ford to no avail. I had them replaced with a good used pair along with backing plates/seal deflectors from a van a couple of years older than mine. Previous years of this van came with backing plates but Ford stopped using them I believe by 1999 or so (that was a mistake). These backing plates help protect the seal area.

The IAC (idle air control) valve is starting to misbehave, but what do you expect after 7 years and 534,000km.

Nothing else has gone wrong with the van, just normal maintenance.

General Comments:

I use this van 7 days a week for deliveries with lots of highway and city use. I often carry very heavy loads, up to 6500lbs (I added an extra rear leaf to the springs), and go up mountainous terrain with full loads.

Overall it has been very dependable as I keep up with routine maintenance and use synthetic oil for the V10 engine (original motor and 4R100 transmission still). As it doesn't get too hot here, I ordered it without A/C to keep the engine compartment simple, have one less system to go wrong, and to maximize gas mileage. The rear end differential bearings have been replaced twice, only because of the heavy loads.

Being a one ton van with 4.10 rear end gears, this van handles very well and accelerates very quickly (425ft/lbs of torque). I get an average of 17 miles per gallon (CAN).

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Review Date: 16th July, 2007

2000 Ford Econoline 5.4L gas from North America


It is a pleasure to drive, expensive to own


The Input Shaft Seal in the Steering Box started leaking at 134,000 km.

Service Engine Soon Light came on at 141,000 km and it required a new thermostat.

An exhaust leak started at 143,000 km and both exhaust manifold gaskets had to be replaced. The bolts holding the manifolds on rusted off.

The Ball Joints, upper and lower all replaced at 147,000 km.

General Comments:

This is a 2000 Club Chateau E150 and it's a pleasure to drive. Everything works well on the vehicle and it has lots of power even when towing 2800 kg (6200 lb) trailer. It will carry a heavy load with ease. Gas mileage is 9-10 mpg towing, 14-16 mpg around town, 20-22 on highway (with heavy load). The mpg here is based on Imp gallon (4.5 L).

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Review Date: 9th October, 2004

19th Dec 2004, 04:53

BEST VAN/TRUCK MOTOR EVER...you should consider if in need, similar van, but with the 6.8 v-10. Obviously you value towing/ load ability. My company has a 2003 loaded E-350 1 ton with said motor. We don't tow, but it seats up to 9 with raised roof, 6 leather bucket seats, TV, DVD, VCR, 120V household outlets (that's right, there's two with two each!) direct and indirect lighting throughout, rear heat/ac etc. (modified by Starcraft) all on a one ton Ford chassis. For sure the heaviest non camperized van out there (the body is the length of the 15 passenger version). In the summer with front and rear a/c taxing the motor, 9 overweight men, raised roof, heavy leather seats, etc. I (driver) barely feel it compared to empty. That V10 doesn't care about load, acts the same. Smooth as silk, serious mountains of low end pull, mid range pull, even revs up without gasping for breath (red line around 4700 rpm). One of the best motors I've ever abused. Mileage? You said something about a difference between loaded/unloaded, towing/not with your 5.4 eight. This ten gets roughly the same mileage no matter your driving style, tires, weather, A/c or not, passengers or none, hwy or city. Usually around 25 liters/100 km. I've seen as low as 21 liters and as high as 33 liters, but usually it's 25. If the fuel gauge drops quickly, don't think it's due to a small tank - 150 liters is big. BEST MOTOR EVER.

2000 Ford Econoline Chateau Club Wagon 351 V8 from North America


My family and I are very satisfied with the van


The headliner was not correctly installed and na ew one had to be installed.

The windshield cracked and had to be replaced.

The vehicle has a rattle which comes and goes.

Overall fit and finish could have been a lot better for a vehicle with a $30,000 sticker price.

General Comments:

The 351 has plenty of power and is terrific on the highway.

Good handling and is very comfortable for a large family.

Plenty of room for people, luggage and pets.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2001