2002 Ford Econoline E-350XLT, V10 6.8 gasoline from North America




I purchased this vehicle in spring 2002, it has all power options including power locks, mirrors, windows and cruise control.

First of all, as soon as I started driving this vehicle, I have noticed a suspicious noise coming from under the hood from the right side. Fortunately, the 36,000 miles warranty provided by manufacturer has not expired, so I have taken the vehicle to the South Bay Ford dealership in Hawthorn - the one where I purchased it. A mechanical inspection revealed a faulty AC compressor.

Almost at the same time, the "Air Bags" light started to come on each time I turned a steering wheel maximum to the left position. A mechanic found a broken wire in a steering column.

The most painful thing in my vehicle is the door... On the new van, the one that has never been damaged in any way, it leaks inside - water after each car-wash or a rain gets right on those power options I paid for... So both me and my passengers listen to the door locks play (they activate erratically all time it rains because water keeps getting on wires) every rainy day. I cannot leave my van locked in the street at the rainy day because water unlocks it. Naturally, I took it to the South Bay dealership while it was under the warranty. A mechanic inspected the door, wiped all water and didn't find the leak. So when I showed up to pick up van, they announced that the cause of the trouble was washing the door from inside with water (!), and awarded me with a strip of paper indicating that nothing was repaired or replaced. Thank you.

General Comments:

My point is, before imports grab 100% of the automotive market in USA, (which appears to be just a question of time) Ford Corporation might establish a decent quality control on it's plants.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2003

4th Jan 2007, 17:17

But quality has been Job 1 at Ford since the 1980's. You mean their advertising lied, LOL?

14th Jan 2008, 15:05

Check the imports, they have their problems too.

Granted Ford has more, but where are you going to find a huge van like this for the money?

If the water is such a problem on the door, I'd take the thing apart and waterproof the electicals, or bag them up so the water runs over them.

Just be glad you don't have one of the vans with the power sliding doors, now they are real headaches.