1998 Ford Escape SC from North America


Economical, dependable, but unsafe



General Comments:

Dependable, economical, plenty of pick up, and overall an excellent vehicle for the money, except that it is not safe compared to similar vehicles-- has a 3 star rating from the US gov, while the regular Escort had five stars. This also jacks up the cost of insurance.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2003

22nd Jan 2003, 09:52

I didn't know Ford made the Escape in 1998. And what is an Escape SC???

17th Jan 2004, 06:47

Ford didn't make the Escape in 1998. And of course it's going to have a lower safty rating than an escort. Look at what your comparing. An SUV to a Economy Car. The SUV is going to be lower b/c of the ground clearance compared to a normal car. All SUV's are like that. People complain that they can't take 80mph turns in their SUV's. Well, it's a SUV, not a sports car. FYI- I bought a Jeep Liberty b/c it has the highest saftey rating in it's class (Beating out Escape/Tribute, X-Terra, and CRV) Only one to get a 5 in it's class.

28th Mar 2006, 14:25

But your Jeep Liberty probably used more fuel than an escape/tribune, or honda crv.