2012 Ford Escape Limited 3.0 V6 from North America


Has morphed into a mini LTD; no longer a mud slinging CUV


1) The module that controls the air intake butterfly valve for the fuel injection shorted out, causing the engine to move to a "limp home" mode (stuck in 3rd gear, high engine revs etc). Covered by Ford "Customer Satisfaction" Program at the dealership.

2) The car would vibrate for 10 to 12 second when the A/C was initially turned on or when the outside temperature rose above 90 - 92 degrees. Dealer could not duplicate the issue. A friend with a mechanical background traced the issue to a cracked radiator cooling fan that would distort and cause vibration when in high speed mode. It was easier and quicker to let him replace the entire cooling fan shroud than fight with the dealer.

3) Rear brakes developed a slight scraping sound during the last 10 - 15 feet of a gentle stop (i.e. stop and go traffic). Had shoes replaced at a tire shop, but the noise came back two months later. The friend mentioned in #2 above found a self adjusting brake component that was bent or warped (probably at the factory) and had been re-installed by tire shop without detection.

4) The car has Microsoft Sync system which "never" works correctly. Never calls the right person using voice commands, etc. So disappointed with the system that all I use is the Bluetooth feature which allows you to accept calls while driving.

General Comments:

Had owned a '05 Ford Escape XLT with 4WD in upstate NY for 220k miles over 8 years. Only issues were the front brake rotors would warp every 60k - 75k miles and the alternator died at 175k miles and the A/C died at 200k miles. Also, tin worm was coming to the surface due to heavy use of road salt in NY.

Based on the above experience and since 2012 was last year for the six cylinder engine, I bought a used '12 Escape Limited V6 front wheel drive with 30k miles. The car is comfortable, and quieter than my older Escape. Also, fuel economy is 24 to 25 MPG versus 21 MPG on the '05 4WD model. However, I find the new car is less fun to drive. The old Escape had feedback via the steering wheel whereas the steering on the new car is numb and void. The new car rides so smoothly compared to the old car that I feel isolated from the road. The new car has morphed into mini LTD whereas the old Escape was a true mud slinging CUV.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2016