1994 Ford Escort LX 1.6 Liter, Unsure of type from North America


A good, sturdy, smooth car!


The plastic covering on the electronic seat belt came off. It is broken, and doesn't move the way it should.

The front bumper has taken heavy damage and needs to be replaced.

The speedometer needle stays steady until the car reaches about 50 mph, then flips erratically at faster speeds.

There are dents on the rear of the car, near the hatch, on the right side.

The heater failed at about 195,000 miles.

The starter failed at around 200,000 miles.

General Comments:

I got the car for my 17th birthday, from my dad. He had bought it without consulting me at all, so I was unable to look over the car before getting it.

The damaged bumper and dents were on the car when I received it. The previous owners weren't honest about the history of the car. They claimed it had never been in an accident and tried to cover up a gaping hole in the front bumper, near the license plate. They used aluminum tape, and painted it white. My dad failed to notice this. The dents on the back are covered over as well.

Still, with all the problems the car has had, I'm very happy with it. I'm not surprised the starter went out, because it's an older car. The engine is still in good condition, and it runs smoothly. It shifts smoothly as well, and it gets excellent gas mileage. The stereo system works, and has good sound. It handles well, and has good acceleration and braking.

The only serious problems I've had with the car are the starter and heater. The seat belt still latches properly, and it worked correctly when I had to hit the brakes suddenly, which sent me flying forward.

I feel that the car has a pretty good track record, considering it is ten years old, and I put a lot of miles on it (I have a 200-mile round trip daily commute).

All in all, it's a good, sturdy, dependable car, and I love it!

I feel that if I continue to take good care of it (oil changes, tune-ups, etc.), the car will last for many more years.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2004

1994 Ford Escort 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Cheap to run buy and repair


I wrote a Citroen off with it, causing substantial front end damage, however I still used it for a few thousand miles.

As a result of the damage, the bonnet wouldn't catch, resulting in it flying up at 80mph breaking the windscreen and roof.

The interior trim is difficult to refit. (Side moldings by seat belts).

I managed to rip the exhaust off, thankfully only the middle section.

It had a bit of rust on the back arches.

General Comments:

My Escort was the base model, it didn't even have a cigarette lighter.

It got an awful beating from me, but bounced back each time.

It was looked after by and old man, so when I got it, the car was as new, minus a bit of rust.

I loved it's handling, although it under-steered, you knew exactly what it was going to do when you threw it into a corner.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2004

11th Mar 2009, 06:11

I thunk that the old version of the FRD Escort is better than the crap that people buy today. I have 6 old versions of the Ford Escort, and each one hasn't let me down. I have a full service each year on all of my cars, so they won't let me down. I am think about buy another Ford Escort G reg, and I am going to look after it like I have with the others.

1994 Ford Escort LX 1.6i 16v from UK and Ireland


An affordable sporty runaround which won't cost the earth to maintain

General Comments:

Only just bought this car so this is a basic new owner observation.

The car has very low mileage for its year and comes with quite a complete history. It was sold between family members.

It has been very well maintained and used only for a quarter mile trip to work and home.

The car feels a bit heavier than I expected, but adequate power steering. Brakes are fine. Engine although originally sluggish has started to come alive and become fun to drive.

I find it has a very high torque and can be driven from walking speed in 3rd gear without complaint which suits my lazy driving style. left turns in 3rd gear are effortless.

Although the car is very new I think that its definitely a monday morning car as opposed to one that was made on friday afternoon. No faults other than a spot of rust at the seat of the rear wiper.

The jury's still out on the engine type. I read that if its 1.6i 16v then it must be a Zetec engine, but is not badged zetec. I do know Ford changed from Zetec to Zeta (or the other way round) and at this year there was confusion.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2004