1995 Ford Escort LX 1.9L from North America


Typical Ford (Found On Road Dead). Just died on me one day.

General Comments:

My Escort lived up to Ford's quality. Just broke down on my one day. I would never buy another Ford car.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2005

1995 Ford Escort LX 1.9 EFI from North America


I like the mileage and the price was right


We had to replace the outer tie-rod arm when we purchased the car.

At about 95,000 miles the timing belt needed to be replaced, which is good since they usually go at about 75,000.

The transmission has been twitchy for the last 2 years, a lot of times not wanting to shift out of first gear. Also it occasionally wants to downshift on it's own terms.

The automatic seatbelt on the driver's side does not work anymore, but still passed state inspection so it's not a big deal.

The outer tie-rod on the passenger side needed replacing this year.

I also have the infamous check engine light on which are probably plugs and wires.

General Comments:

My wife absolutely loves this car, me on the other hand; I feel it's too small. My previous car is a 1980 Buick LeSabre, so it was a big size jump.

I am open for ideas on the transmission problem, my wife says it's no big deal. I can't stand it, I feel like I'm going to blow the engine because the RPM's skyrocket when it downshifts.

Great on gas I will admit that, and I like hatchbacks. Like most of the reviews this car does lack power, but that's why they call it economical.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2005

24th Feb 2005, 06:21


If they are like the 90's with the transmission kick down rod then check the plastic bushing in the rod. The plastic bushings go and create slop which caused my wifes car to shift late. Just a thought. :-)

22nd Jan 2006, 19:54

Hi. I had the same problem with my 1995 Escort wagon. It would just "slip" out of gear at any speed. It turned out to be the speed control sensor which plugs into the transmission. It was so bad it came out in four pieces!! About $150.00 fix at a local repair shop. I am not familiar with transmissions or I would have done it myself. Also, look into the speedometer cable. Mine is bad and I think that may also have had something to do with it. You will know if it is bad or not because the speedometer will "jump around" at any speed, or it will make a "grinding" noise that comes from the speedometer. Hope this helps!! Good luck.

1995 Ford Escort Si 1.6 zetec from UK and Ireland


Good performance and looks, what more do you want


The car is jumping or pulling back when warming up since I got it.

Bad wiring.

Catalytic converter.


General Comments:

Good enough performance, but slightly breathless under heavy acceleration.

Comfortable standard bucket seats.

Handles very well, firm sporty ride.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2004

1995 Ford Escort Sedan LX 1.9L from North America


Quick, cheap, but not sporty


Power window buttons broke on all panels. Probably my fault.

Rear defroster button will not click in. You have to hold it in in order to defrost back window.

Air conditioning does not work well even after two recharges. Heat works like a charm though.

PVC Valve and cooling hose replaced at 120,000 miles. (Cheap and easy to do by yourself!)

General Comments:

If you take care of this car, it will take care of you.

The only major repair I had to do was replace the timing belt which lasted 100,000 miles (You are suppose to replace them every 60,000 miles).

It is very quick and turning is very clean at high speeds. It has great pick up, better than any Honda I have seen. But, if you have more than 2 people in the car, performance is not at all optimal.

The front tire wear quickly since all the weight is in the front 4 feet of the car, so make sure you rotate and balance the tires at every or every other oil change.

I hate the automatic seat belts. If you try to exit the car to quickly you might lose an ear or maybe your head.

Although it runs smooth on long trips at 80mph (3300rpm), I wouldn't try to have a cell phone conversation because road and tire noise is quite loud.

I love this car. All the above are the only problems this car has with me. It is very easy and cheap to fix by yourself.

Do not be surprised if you find yourself racing this car. It is quick and very fuel efficient.

Be cautious in flooded areas though. This car is very light so 2 inches of water can really throw you in a hydroplane.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2004