1995 Ford Escort 1.9L from North America


Very good value. It owed me nothing




Head gasket.



General Comments:

This model Escort is a trooper. It was driven long and hard on both city and highway, logging over 400,000 kms. Sure, things would have to be fixed now and again, but that's to be expected. I used this car for driving people, construction material, camping gear, etc., and it always performed.

Eventually the chassis just rusted out, but I never did anything to special to care for it. I would buy this car again in a heartbeat.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2010

2nd Mar 2010, 13:12

Good to see you got your monies worth mate! Too many people get rid of their cars, for new models 'cos they have nowt else better to do with their money. Steve.

1995 Ford Escort LX 1.9L from North America


If it's not blowing fuses, GREAT commuter car!


The car, since I've had it has had very few repairs. But the car has one electrical (IMO) -defect, between the battery, & the back door with the windshield wiper. If anyone has had this problem, & fixed it, please email me at mar1963@charter.net

When opening the very back door.. WITH the key in the ignition, I shut the back door, & one of my fuses blows. It's always the same one (15 Amp) that controls the dome lights, radio, & the lock to the gear handle (the first I notice). So when it happens, I can't go anywhere if I don't have a spare 15 Amp (which I always keep a box now).

Yesterday (01-28-10) it happened again, & I blew 8 fuses before finally getting one to go in without totally blowing. Although I'm thinking that may have happened because one of the side dome light switches was in the On position. This has been going on since I've had the car, & no one seems to have found my problem.

At between 60000-63000, the head-gasket blew.

Another thing I didn't like was how close to the gas pedal Ford designers put the latch that controls the opening, & closing of the door for the heater. That slide for the heater control there at the right of the driver on the dashboard. So now in the winter, I have to get duck tape, go under the dashboard, & tape the door so heat comes out the defroster, panel, feet/panel.. get it? If you have big feet, be careful cause you have to buy the WHOLE heating unit (over $300) to fix it.

General Comments:

The car has always started. I live in Wisconsin where it gets down to -35'F in the winter, so it's nice to have a car that starts in that. Luxury be damned, I'll take reliability.

I'm a fairly large male, & I fit comfortably in the driver seat.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2010

1995 Ford Escort LX Wagon 1.9L gas from North America


By far, the best car I've owned to date


Typical maintenance items such as timing belt.

Alternator failed at 110000 miles.

Brakes needed an overhaul at 145000.

Broken seat back at 150000.

Broken hatch door handle at 145000.

Failed dome light, rear wiper at 140000.

Failed rear defroster switch around 100000.

Failed heater fan around 140000.

General Comments:

I bought this car new in 1994, and I still use it as my trip car. It's solid, sturdy and still runs well, with very few issues... most of those are minor and don't affect the car's operation.

The engine still starts quickly, even on cold days and warms up smoothly. It's not a speed demon, but power is adequate.

The front seat upholstery and the carpets still look good, despite 16 years of not being garaged. Springs still haven't broken down, although I have a prop for the driver seatback now. Rear seat comfort is a notch lower, although it's roomy enough for moderate length trips.

Gas mileage is still in the the upper 30's all around, and it sails through inspections at DEQ.

Ride comfort is still quite good lightly loaded; less so with a full load. Noise level is moderate, except on coarse pavement.

Handling is a big sluggish, but safe. Braking is quite respectable even without antilock brakes.

I love this car, and I hope I can find another when it finally gives up. It's been rock solid and a great investment.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2010