28th Oct 2008, 19:12

The car does drive cool, but I don't think it's a thermostat problem. It warms up, but never enough to send any heat into the cabin, and sometimes not enough to the engine. The thermostat still works fine in the summer, turning on the fan when the temperature starts to creep up in the city. This is only a problem in highway driving at around -30­ºC and below. It isn't until about -40ºC that the car can't drive around town and warm up. I just avoid using it in the winter.

11th Jan 2009, 12:43

1/11/2009-An update: I have been driving the car for a month now on battery power only. I wish that Ford had chosen more Mazda parts, because it didn't know much about service life when it made it's own small car parts. But the car keeps going with regular charging, so I can't really complain. The CD player is getting cranky, but my broken CV joint hasn't gotten any worse. It takes a lot to kill this car.

5th Mar 2009, 23:45

Hey! Gotta say I think this car is pretty fun. Decent fuel economy with taller tires on it. Timing belt broke with no damage to top end (valve clearance). Very cheap fix... I find some decent power above and around 4000 and smooth at speed with the new tires (120k all day). Power sunroof, cruise... as good as the VW GTI I once had.

3rd Apr 2009, 05:41

4/03/2009 - I have sold the car, and somewhat regret it already. But if I get the chance, I'll find myself a Honda, not because they're a better car, but because they're laid out better in the engine compartment. Ford likes to complicate things (it is NOT a good idea to put the oil filter right above the cat, and it doesn't make it better if all of your vehicles share a flawed design), but the Mazda parts are all for the better. I never had a problem with the transmission, the engine, or the chassis. It just went when I needed it to.

27th Jul 2009, 00:14

Just bought a 1995 Escort GT for $500. Talked him down from $600. Never owned a car like this. My first car was a 1978 Toyota Celica GT, in HORRIBLE disrepair. I spent our entire time together dumping my wallet and ripping her apart. I'm currently selling my 1989 Mitsubishi Montero; spent the money it would take to fix it on the Escort GT. I'm crossing my fingers here. I don't know much about Fords, Escorts or the likes, but the consumer reviews seem OK, and the expert reviews seemed OK, and there seems to be a pretty big fan base for this car, so god willing, it passes inspection this week without too much and I can stop avoiding cops with my illegal truck. It's only a matter of time...

By the way, has anyone's horn stopped working? The guy I bought it from said this cars horn just suddenly stopped working. I read that it is a known problem that the the ground wire in the steering column is badly attached. Does anyone know what to look for? I'll take a look tomorrow when I pick it up.

Anyway, I test drove it and gave it some gas. It was HARD for me to not mat it to the floor. I had to keep a very light foot since it isn't legal yet either, hehe. But I gave it some juice. Pretty nice pickup for a car like that. I was impressed. Now to get used to the short shifter. I'm so used to my Montero's oar and full off clutch engage. Could have lots of fun in this car! I have to be careful.

14th Jun 2010, 10:21

The Escort GT (unlike the Escort LX with the 1.9) is all Mazda underneath the bodywork... blaming Ford for problems in the engine bay is illogical as this is the mechanical twin of a Protege LX. That said, I otherwise found the review enlightening.