22nd May 2004, 17:27

I had a 1994 ford escort hatchback and personally I think that is was the best car I had, except it had a few problems. Like when it was in reverse, it made a giant screeching noise and so I took it and bought a tracker. The tracker was a mistake, I should have kept it. I am just waiting around for another hatchback to be at a car lot and then ill get another one. The 88 horsepower was just enough power for me! At 76k the speed sensor went bad, but that was no big deal. It needed a serpentine belt, brakes all around, muffler. I just couldn't keep up. But then I let my sister drive it. She backed up into a pole with it, 3,400$ damage and it was totaled. But I went and got it fixed and the people didn't do a good job. The hatch leaked water when it rained. Like 3 weeks later I let my sister drive it again and she pulled out in front of a Chevrolet Blazer and broke the bumper, lights, fender, and hood. These Escorts can be crashed and they will keep going. As you said people say its cute, people say mine thinks it's a race car/rally car. I put performance oil in mine and it went flying. And another time someone crashed into a sign and I turned around to look and the next thing I knew, I was on someones lawn. No damage. It's a great car I love it!

7th Jun 2004, 21:53

Hi my name is Daniel and I'm 16 and I just got this car for my first car and I love it. I have a 1995 Ford Escort LX with aluminum wheels, spoiler, and the best thing of all, it's a 5 speed. But be carefull not to over rev the engine, cause I took it to where it just starts redlining it, and I blew a cylinder so be carefull. But I agree with everyone else, that this car is the best little car you can get, I get great gasmilage in town (28), and on the road I get (34)! And this car does have enough power to spin the wheels. ;)