29th Oct 2002, 09:32

I've got a 1.8 diesel and its pure scum. flimsy is the best word to describe it. I am selling it and getting a volvo.

19th Nov 2002, 15:09

Well all the problems mentioned in previous posts are down to two things, lack of knowledge and poor maintenance (even main dealers).

I have a 1992 1.8 diesel, bought second hand and now maintained by myself, and have had no problems of any consequence at all, it is currently at 150,000 miles and I rely on it for my living.

Good features are all cast iron construction therefore no differences of expansion rates between head and block, fairly slow revving, plenty of power for normal motoring (even with my van fully laden it will still maintain 45-50mph at the top of all, but the steepest hills), fabulous fuel economy, fast starter even in winter, reliable, uses no oil, simple and easy to maintain, nice motorway cruiser (70mph) and many more.

The only thing I would change on it is the timing drive belts, a nice duplex roller chain drive is what it really needs to make it totally bulletproof.

This engine is built for proper work, not racing around at 90+ mph, beating people away from lights etc, It is for people who just want a simple, reliable engine, and know how to drive a proper diesel.

It amazes me how many people buy a naturally aspirated diesel and expect to beat Capri v6s away from traffic lights, or expect to hog lane 3 of the motorway. These people have not got a clue what goes on under a bonnet, and probably think that turbo means it automatically does 140 mph and 0-60 in 5 seconds, even if its just a sticker on the back.

Would you buy a pair of wellington boots to go to a dance or club? no? well that's the same principle! Go and buy a petrol V8 or a TD Ci to impress with and leave the n.a. diesels to do what they do best - slog on forever.

And incidentally I can count on one hand the number of times I have stalled it! (I have had it 4 years now)


12th Apr 2009, 13:14

I own a 90 Hp turbo diesel estate. Very quick for a diesel. Love it!