8th Jun 2004, 22:11

I agree with the guys above, I have a 1995 ford escort lx and it's a 5 speed, and I'm only a teenager, but this car has been the bomb for me. It has a spoiler and everything just suited for my needs. I get the same gas mileage as the guy above, 28-30 in town, 34-40 on the road. All though the shifting light does get annoying.

10th Oct 2005, 05:00

I think the review at the top is a bit unfair - the one you had had probably been thrashed and abused from new. I had one from about 60k miles and took it all the way to 140k, and yes I had some inevitable troubles with it - it never let me down - in fact I ended up giving it to my in-laws when they decided to go and live in Spain - they still have it!

Fords are boring and cheap, but I hear that you either get one which is nothing, but trouble and dies quickly, or one which simply refuses to give up. You were obviously unlucky.

18th Jan 2006, 12:26

I had a 1994 Ford Escort LX. It was my first car. I bought it almost brand new. I kept it for 11 years. The only reason I got rid of it was because I wanted an SUV, which I got. Someone else in my family needed a car, so I sold it. It had 100,000 miles on it when I sold it. It only left me sitting once, but it was my fault. The timing belt broke on it. (regular maintenance)

Now, my son has a 1994 Escort LX. He has had it for a year now, and it has not given him any trouble... and he is a teenager. It has 145000 miles on it. They are cheap, but reliable cars.

20th Mar 2006, 10:27

I bought a 1994 escort with 78,000 miles and about a month later the clutch pedal stuck to the floor and my brake light came on. I had a new master cylinder and clutch adjustment with new fluid. The slave cylinder was bleed and my speedometer stops. I have been driving for 35 years and this ford is the worse car I ever had.

20th Mar 2006, 16:19

There's no way you could have replaced the automatic choke because all Escorts by 1994 were fuel injected.