2008 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4 V8 from North America


Ford overbuilt this and it can make it past 300,000 miles!


Cam position sensor left bank, at 100,000 miles; replaced myself and the part was $25 from Ford.

Right interior door handle at 290,000 miles.

4 sets of Pirelli Scorpion tires; the last set just put on at 300,000 miles.

Has a misfire at 2000 RPM under load, at 300,134 miles, needs new coil packs, spark plugs.

General Comments:

The Expedition 4x4 has 300,134 miles on it and so it was driven a lot on the highway. It has a very quiet interior even after the miles. The dash and console are still nice to look at and show no wear at all. The leather is worn on the driver's seat and Ford has the lower seat cover still available for $700, but it's still presentable, and comfortable. The cooled seats are very nice and still work great. The back-up camera still works good too.

This had the optional 20 inch wheels and Pirelli tires, so tires were $950 for the last set a week ago. They look great and the chrome has held up very well. The tail gate is aluminum and has oxidized under the paint in a couple spots.

The towing ability is very good; I have an 18 foot carry-on car trailer and it has hauled cars with ease.

The paint still looks very good and all the trim has held up.

I changed the brakes and rotors myself and everything comes apart OK as long as you have a 10 lb slide hammer from Harbor Freight to get the old rotors off. It damaged them, but I knew I wanted to replace them as they were too thin to turn on the lathe.

I love the Expy! Best car I've ever owned.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2016

2008 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4 from North America


Very good family hauler


Brakes lasted about 50,000 miles after my purchase, but were expensive to replace.

Replaced rack & pinion steering unit at 77,000.

General Comments:

Very good family hauler. Very comfortable. Seats eight. Handles great for such a large truck.

Could use a little more get up & go, and the satellite radio.

It has been a very good truck. Will be sad to see it go.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2012

2008 Ford Expedition Limited EL 5.4L from North America





General Comments:

Purchased a 2008 Ford Expedition Limited 4X4 EL in 10/2007. Have only put on 2,500 miles, but so far nothing has gone wrong.

My only complaints about the car is that it did not come with front parking sensors, but has the rear ones, and for some reason Ford is not including the new Microsoft Sync technology in their flagship SUV.

The car handles well, and really does get good mileage for its size and weight. It is perfect for my two 100+ pound dogs, and will come in handy on our cross country trip to snow country hauling our Mustang.

AC and heated seats are world class!!!

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Review Date: 9th March, 2008