6th Jul 2008, 19:53

I'm eminently pleased with the mileage and power of my 2002 Explorer, with the 4.0 L SOHC V-6. I just took a trip this weekend, and on one leg averaged 23 mpg doing 65, and on another leg achieved a whopping 27.5 mpg doing 65 with the AC on! The lowest mileage that I have ever gotten was 20 mpg. Maybe your driving habits have a big influence on knocking the mileage down.

Although I have no complaints about the power, it does seem as though GM's 3800 V-6 has more punch than my 4.0 Liter.

29th Dec 2008, 07:47

Totally Agree!!!

I rented a 2006 explorer while ago, and the mileage was really bad. I liked everything else, but that was a major concern for my family when we wanted to buy a bigger car.

Thanks for sharing the info... Good luck.

24th Mar 2009, 22:50

So if gas was 24.99 a gallon, would you get one? LOL. Hey it's true, the 3.8 GM V6 does feel stronger. My brother has a Camaro with that engine, and the car runs quick for a V6 of course.

11th Jan 2011, 11:58

I never could understand why people who buy SUVs complain about the gas mileage. If mileage is that important to you, why on earth would you ever even think about considering an SUV in the first place?

11th Jan 2011, 14:09

Because some people need an SUV to perform a function that a commuter car can't. Some people need to move a larger family, carry bicycles or camping equipment, building or landscaping materials, and you just can't do that in a small commuter car. If a person can only have one vehicle, but they engage in those activities, then a commuter car is not going to fit their needs, despite still having to drive to work. So what's wrong with wanting a vehicle to get better mileage?

12th Jan 2011, 05:42

What amazes me is the fixation people have that buy based on gas pump prices. They will go real cheap rather than prefer a nicer riding less crammed vehicle. And hate what they are driving for the entire term of the car loan. That's why I prefer a SUV my short commute to work. Why cram up in a hard riding little car?

2nd Jul 2014, 19:44

Please keep in mind that while the 3800 series V6 engine is a great engine, it is not the engine found in the Envoy. This vehicle employed either a 4.2 inline 6 cylinder or the 5.3 V8. The 4.2 has been known to be a strong engine also, but so far as I know the only applications it was used in were the Chevy Trailblazer, GMC Envoy, and Buick Rainier triplets. The 5.3 V8 is used in so many applications within GM that I will not list them. Hope this helps.