27th Oct 2004, 07:03

I agree with the person who made a comment about my review. Perhaps I should have researched the market to see what was out there. I have always owned 2 door coupes and was in need of either a 4 door car or an SUV. I loved the redesigned Explorer, which is why I bought it. If the commenter would have read this review carefully, he/ she would have noticed some favorable comments, such as a quiet engine, quick acceleration, lots of options (gadgetry). I also praised the Explorer for great gas mileage on a cross country trip. However, I have had quality problems with it, which is why I have made some unfavorable comments. Oh and by the way, a Honda Pilot is a truck and it rides pretty smoothly as does an Envoy!

22nd Mar 2005, 23:42

Yeah, but they also suffer from more body roll and overall less stability than the Explorer, thanks to it's fully independent suspension and higher spring rates. All my buddies comment on how tossable and "fun to drive" my EB v8 is, compared to their Expedition and Denali's.

2nd Jan 2006, 16:43

As an owner of an Eddie Bauer Explorer with a V8 I don't think it's exactly fair to compare it to a Honda Pilot. A Pilot is not a truck, it doesn't even have a frame like a proper truck. It rides on a modified mini van platform from the Odyssey.

Sure the Explorer rides a little rougher than a T bird, I had one of those too. But it's far more reliable than the T Bird ever was. It's also tougher and more strongly built than a Pilot. You pay for all that beefiness of course at the pump. The mileage IS really bad. But the truck is so nice to drive and comfortable that it's worth it. Also in the V8 models the engine sits lower and further back in the truck which enhances the handling. Its' still no sports car, but it definately handles better than the older versions with the 6.

27th Mar 2006, 09:15

My 94 TBIRD was my baby LOL. I had some reliability issues with it. Since it was my first new car at the age of 24, I will only have fond memories of it regardless of its less than perfect reliability record.

27th Mar 2006, 09:23

Oh and by the way, am I the only person having air conditioning issues with my Explorer? I know I read a review in one of the magazines that referred to the Explorer's a/c as not very effective in extreme heat. Well, Miami's heat may not be extreme, but it can get hot down here. There are times when my a/c feels like a fan recirculating warm air. when it finally cools, it's time for me to turn the engine off because I have already arrived at my destination.

6th Aug 2006, 13:19

There is a simple fix for the A/C that will cost you around $30 and a trip to Home Depot. Find the tube that goes from the A/C compressor to the cabin air vents, and put split cell foam insulation on it, and wrap it in metal tape. You will have instant results, because basically you are insulating the pipe, thus keeping heat out and letting the cold air flow! It will even get colder than you have ever experienced it!

14th Aug 2006, 09:02

Thank you for the information about the easy and cheap air conditioning fix. Unfortunately, I read this bit of advice too late as I have already spent many hundreds fixing the a/c.

3rd Sep 2007, 20:06

I was waiting to see how my AC would work, after reading the past couple of comments. Glad to report that the AC on my 2002 Explorer Sport is great! Even on AC (not even Max AC) on the first fan setting, it gets so cold that I have to turn the temperature up a little. I've never even used the Max AC setting, or turned the fan up past #2 because it's been plenty cold. Outside conditions are low to mid 90's with high humidity.

25th Mar 2009, 22:33

I'm gonna try that A.C thing you guys are talking about, it sounds good.

22nd Jul 2009, 00:56

Hi, I hope you can let me know before it’s to late. I may buy a 2004 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer from a dealership tomorrow. Every thing seems fine except for the shocks.??? It makes squeaking noises going over speed bumps or dips in the road. When I first drove it, it seemed fine... The dealership said to take it home over night. Went for a drive after it cooled down. It’s in great shape. Love all the gadgets. First time for me. Thanks in advance.