18th Sep 2008, 19:16

I bought a Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer seven years ago with 98000 miles on it. It now has 180,000 and is still going strong. I have had no major mechanical problems with it and have really only had to do regular maintenance. I am currently thinking of getting a newer model vehicle as I am planning to do some traveling in the near future and am looking to buy ANOTHER EXPLORER!

3rd Jun 2010, 06:38

I have a 1995 Explorer Eddie Bauer. I bought it with 128k on it. One previous owner, all maintenance records and never seen rain or snow.

Rated to tow 5000lbs.. seemed like a good plan right? Not so much.. first we towed a trailer weighing around 2800 lbs.. blew both the front and rear transmission seals. Then after having Ford repair it, about 5000 miles later the driveshaft breaks off, sends the rear end airborne and then cracks the side of the transmission and transfer case.

10000 miles later the lower ball joints go out, along with all the seals on the rack and pinion.

10000 more miles, the tension pulley snaps off and takes the serpentine belt with it. To top it all off, recently the driver side window no longer works, front left headlight has a short, and now blew a power steering line.

I have always garage kept this car..

I've been working on cars for 12 years alongside my uncle who also had a nightmare Eddie Bauer. This car was always well taken care of, and I've only put 30000 in three and a half years. My uncle bought his wife's new and got rid of it after two. My aunt got rid of hers after two and a Half or so. We all drive e nothing but Fords, but the Eddie Bauer Explorers are absolute junk.. I would not recommend them to anybody. They are very poorly constructed and a nightmare to work on. If you don't have the means to work on them, they will cost far more than their value in the long run.

I stand by all my Fords. But this one I cannot.