27th Oct 2005, 18:46

I agree with the comment above since you haven't owned the truck for long enough. It sounds like you bought a beat-up, high mileage, SUV, one foot out of the junkyard. I've know people to put 200k on the same model and year explorer, they just took care of it maintained it well. Next time inspect the automobile you are buying more closely because even the smallest problems can cause huge problems for you in the future. I still wish I did that with my last used car.

3rd Jan 2006, 23:43

You probably shouldn't blame Ford. It sounds like you failed to inspect it properly. My Ford Explorer has been great!

Sure there are better SUV now, but the 1994 explorer was the best for its time and is still a extremely reliable SUV!

10th Jan 2006, 15:07

I agree also I have one identical and is is probaly the best suv I have ever had, it sounds to me that you bought a lemon!

15th Oct 2006, 17:28

My 1994 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer eddition is the best Ford, a Chevy man like me, has ever owned. I all, but gave up on Ford until I bought mine and seen how reliable this vehicle is. My Explorer has 230,000 miles on it and amazingly enough only burns 1 quart of oil between 3,000 mile oil changes. The engine purrs like a kitten. Only notable objections are the door locks. They are very stiff and it is hard to un-lock the doors, also the rear doors don't always want to open. Other than that, and the leather drivers side seat getting cracks and rips in it, the vehicle is the best I've ever owned. No rust!

7th Aug 2009, 09:26

I have owned 3 Explorers, I am a ASE certified mechanic, the thing with them is they will fall apart if you don't take care of them. If regular maintenance is done, they will last forever! These 4.0 V6 motors are a very reliable motor, the transmissions in the 1990-1994 are great as long as regular servicing is done.

18th Jan 2011, 10:26

I have to say I just lost my 94 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition in an accident. My brother bought it new and then I got it from him. It had over 240K miles on it and was still running strong.

It had developed character over the years where the front door handles broke off, but over all it has been a great car. I also had issues with the door locks being jammed but with enough WD-40 it loosened them.

I wish I could find another like it. It was one of the best cars I ever owned and I seriously cried when it was totaled.

7th May 2015, 23:04

I know this is an old review, but wow. With the brakes: brake lines fail with age in anything. Calipers rust. Check them out sometimes.

Transmission: I say, in these, do a fluid change every 20k miles. The 4x4 situation is common, but can be put off with maintenance and knowing how and when to use it.

Exhaust: older vehicle, these things happen. Regular maintenance item.

Missing and sputtering: plugs, wires, fuel filter.