16th Feb 2007, 13:09

The Explorer is the most unsafe vehicle on the road regardless of the driver, and lawsuits and government reports prove it. Only the 2002 and later models are remotely safe.

17th Feb 2007, 14:18

All Explorers are VERY SAFE. It is the incompetence of the DRIVER that results in accidents, not the vehicle. People with a knowledge of vehicles and the laws of physics have no problem with ANY vehicle. We've driven Explorers since 1998 and none has ever been a problem. When I see arguments maintaining that a Honda Civic will suffer less damage in a collision with an Explorer than the Explorer, it tells me right away that the person making such arguments knows NOTHING about cars or physics.

24th Feb 2007, 22:16

So, according to comment 13:09, lawsuits prove cars are unsafe. Well, I guess that means that TOYOTA is unsafe. in an incident near our area a man talking on his cell phone ran off the edge of the pavement in his Toyota 4-runner, hit a brick mailbox and rolled over. He sued the CELL PHONE company because they didn't MAKE HIM buy a hands-free setup, he sued the mailbox owner for building a brick mailbox, he sued the U.S. MAIL for ALLOWING brick mailboxes, and he sued TOYOTA because his 4-Runner rolled over after hitting the brick mailbox!! That is PRECISELY the kind of frivolous and ridiculous lawsuits money-hungry incompetent drivers have filed against Ford. Just because unskilled drivers do stupid things DOES NOT make what they are driving unsafe. No Explorer has EVER rolled over that was properly driven and properly maintained. Cars don't just roll over all by themselves. It takes a little help from a stupid driver.

1st Mar 2007, 18:30

I just saw an accident that is a great example of how POOR DRIVING causes accidents, NOT a particular vehicle. An older Explorer was driving at 70mph on the interstate when another car swerved into its lane. The lady driver of the Explorer veered into the grass median, then panicked and jerked the steering wheel really hard, causing the car to roll over. In fact, it rolled over SEVEN TIMES. The car remained totally intact (no roof deformation to speak of) and the driver suffer only bumps and bruises. If she had been an experienced enough driver she would have known that you NEVER jerk the steering wheel suddenly on ANY high center of gravity vehicle. If she had kept her head and GENTLY steered back onto the pavement she would never have had an accident. This type of poor driving is the cause of the bad rap SUV's get. A good driver knows better.

1st Jun 2007, 17:16

My 2005 EB explorer still has incredible road noise if radio is not at a good volume. Noise really bad at speeds above 65. Two visits to dealer resolved very little other than adding "insulation." My suspect problem is the tires are the issue. Can't wait to change them. Quiet would be nice.

12th Nov 2007, 13:45

I am not familiar with how Ford's new "stability control" works, but I recently saw clear and concise evidence that it DOES work. While on my way to work I was driving about 70mph on the freeway in my small compact. About 10 car lengths ahead of me was a late model (2006 or 2007) Explorer. An inattentive driver suddenly veered in front of the Explorer. The Explorer driver panicked (NEVER a good thing to do with a top-heavy SUV) and wrenched the steering wheel violently to the left. Unbelievably the Explorer somehow kept all 4 tires firmly planted on the pavement and the driver easily maintained control. I remember the first time I ever made a quick steering correction with our first Explorer (a 1998 Sport). BOTH inside wheels lifted off the ground and only my experience as a former stunt driver saved me from a rollover. Whatever makes the new stability control systems work, it does a good job of it.

22nd Jan 2008, 12:25

Ford Explorer 2007 is the best ever car seen. It has unique design in both interior & exterior. I tested on road & really likes it.

20th Aug 2008, 14:29

The only thing wrong with the explorer is that the rear seat is not that comfortable.

2nd Mar 2010, 08:43

I own a 2007 Explorer. So far very pleased. I owned a 1994 Explorer years ago, and will say the improvements in handling and all over are amazing.