10th May 2009, 00:55

Your first point about handling... the Explorer is a truck. If you want to corner, you buy a sports car. A trucks purpose is not to corner well. Also about rollovers, well once again it is an SUV, it has a higher center of gravity... it's not made to take that clover leaf at 70mph.

If you live in a state with snow, why are you complaining about RWD? Why do you not own a 4x4? Once again it is a truck, trucks are generally light in the rear. To combat this if you do not have 4x4, you can put a few sandbags in the back and also buy some aggressive snow tires. Also as you stated it helps to not floor it off when you start off. I have driven a RWD car in the winter and never gotten it stuck at a stop sign in my life with normal tires. The key here is just don't floor it off the line, give the tires a chance to get some traction.

You are complaining about gas mileage, but you drive a truck. That just doesn't make sense. If you want good gas mileage buy a car. An Explorer is going to have a lot of torque and be geared to be able to pull if need be (in other words like a truck). You can't expect a big box with twice the torque and power and weight of your friends Civic to get compare gas mileage.

Now you keep bringing up this vehicle is only good for two people etc etc... Then why did you purchase a sport model? There are a lot more four door Explorers on the road than two door ones.

Once again why are you expecting a RWD to be able to pull of 4x4 capabilities? Also hard suspension. It once again is a truck, not a Cadillac. The truck has leaf springs in the rear... The suspension is made to take a beating on harsh conditions and keep the truck intact... That wouldn't be done very well with soft cushy suspension.

I know you rated the vehicle well overall, but the points you make are just absurd. It sounds like you bought the wrong vehicle for what you were looking for.