28th Dec 2006, 17:25

Original poster: update!

Everything so far has been well, except for now, when I turn my heater on high, when I'm stopped at a stop light, the lights in the dash dim and the rpm's dip momentarily. the battery meter dips also, and rather a lot. it has also done this a few times when just shifting into drive, this is separate from the heater settings. anyone know what is causing this?

19th Jan 2007, 20:08

Good lord! All of a sudden this thing is literally falling apart!

-the front passenger door doesn't unlock very well with power

-the driver's door handle came out in my hand when I was closing it the other day

-transmission had an interesting time shifting into/out of reverse

-shocks are gone

I can't wait till I get my new rig, so I can trash this one.

4th Mar 2007, 22:53

Lets add these few things to the problem list.

Drivers door lock (outside) snapped and the key just turns in the lock, drivers seat belt doesn't click closed unless pressed. passenger electric seat moves back and forwards when it wants to. passenger door lock is very loose and I'm guessing within the next few months that one will give out too.

19th Mar 2007, 19:19

Well, I guess you get what you paid for. It's not exactly a Range Rover or 4Runner (not that either of those are great).

5th Mar 2009, 23:20

If you really have a 351 in it, don't get rid of it, fix it man. Don't junk it because it's a rare SUV you have there. Whatever breaks down, just fix it.

If you have to park it, well park it and fix it slowly but surely, but don't get rid of it. Trust me.

6th Mar 2009, 15:58

Strange, I came on here just as this last comment was posted. I still have the rig, and besides a few more tiny problems, things have settled down. Still runs fine and I've done a few modifications to the engine and transmission to improve power and fuel economy, as well as new shocks.

31st Mar 2011, 22:14

321 km and still rollin.