1965 Ford F100 240 six from North America


Nothing to break, so it has to be reliable


Brake line.

Headlamp bulb.

General Comments:

I bought this mega awesome truck for 600 bucks. It hadn't been registered since 2001. The guy I bought it from suggested trailering it home would be a good plan. Most of the brake lines had been replaced, so I figured I'd take my chances, and drive the truck back to my house 170 miles away.

About 20 miles into my journey, a brake line blew in a parking lot. I pounded the line shut and took it to my friends house about 10 miles away to fix it right. After that, I didn't have any problems.

The truck is a super bare bone military surplus short box. Near as I can tell, the only option it was ordered with was power steering. The truck has a three speed on the column and a 240 six. Thus far the truck has been extremely reliable, and starts up instantly without pumping the gas. The gas mileage has been lack luster (15 mpg), but then the truck is geared very low.

It handles very nicely with the Twin I-beam suspension. The brakes are decent, although after driving through some flooded roads, I had difficulty stopping for a little while. Parts are cheap and readily available from just about anywhere. The truck is super easy to work on as well.

I find a lot of old 61-66 Ford trucks for cheap all the time. For someone who wants a unique but budget friendly daily driving workhorse, it is hard to go wrong with one of these.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2010

1965 Ford F100 Custom Cab 4.9liter Straight Six from North America


One of the best cars/trucks I've ever owned in it's own way


Electrical system jury rigged by previous owner.

Fuel pump, replaced (updated) with electric fuel pump.

Rear main seal leaks, engine rebuild in progress due to high miles. Engine ran fine before rebuilding.

Replaced original 1 bbl carb with 2 bbl Holley carb.

Tires replaced due to big tires someone put on it.

General Comments:

Engine runs great and smooth, should be even better once I'm done rebuilding it. More torque than I'll ever need.

Full sized bed will haul anything I need it to haul.

People don't cut me off in traffic...

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Review Date: 15th November, 2002

21st Nov 2006, 13:47

Hey.. great story. I also have a 1965 F100 short-bed, its all original except for the radio. I learned to drive to drive in "Old Faithful". My dad bought the F100 when I was 9 and now I am 48. Our heirloom truck.

Keep on Truckin'

3rd Dec 2006, 18:25

I just bought a 65 F100 long bed about 6 months ago for $400, and it is the best thing I have ever spent money on. It has given me hell a few times, but if you see the way I have driven it, you would be amazed that it still goes. But it is going to be totally restored. If any one would like to check it out, I would love that.

It is at http://www.carstereo.com/forum/profile.cfm?userid=13383&CFID=44312658&CFTOKEN=70149083, then click "Honda Duster" on the left.

6th Apr 2010, 20:30

1965 F100 240 inline 6; 3 on the tree; no power anything; long bed; nothing extra from the factory except a "u" joint, and I know this because I have the build sheet, because my dad ordered this truck new in 1965. Named "Bluie", and I love this truck, and he has only 137,xxx miles on him, and always runs when my others will not.

THANKS for having this space to type this. My dad is gone but Bluie lives! I think of him when I look at the truck, and remember all the good times camping and mx-ing, and all the things we did in Bluie while I was growing up.

I am now 49 years old, and although flattered when people approach me about the truck, I get mad when they ask if it is for sale. I have to say - "do you see a for sale sign"? Some just want to see the all original truck and the engine and the dash. The master cylinder is original.

The truck is just the coolest and neatest truck ever, and NOPE he is not for sale.