1967 Ford F100 Stepside 352 from North America


The truck was kick ass


Nothing much, just regular maintenance.

The frame began to rust, causing it to put pressure on the steering rod, as it was beginning to sag at the rusted spot. Not sure how it had been maintained when I got it, but it had a 4:11 rear with a hopped up auto trans, so I assume it was run pretty hard.

At about 140k, the valves would begin to tick after high speed highway drives.

Overall, this was a very tough, cool looking truck, that could pull tree stumps if it had to.

Only had one front end realignment as an owner, and I gave the front end a beating that would have knocked the average vehicle out of line.

General Comments:

Would like to find another 6 foot stepside style pickup. Unfortunately nobody makes them any more. All the cool vehicles are gone now, except for the Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2013

25th Apr 2015, 17:40

I've got a '67 Ford Stepside. Cream color all original. Restored.

1967 Ford F100 Styleside 4.9L 6 cylinder. from North America


A vehicle that most anybody can fix


The exhaust system completely fell off at 194,700 miles. It was replaced with a larger diameter exhaust system for $275.

Brake light switch stopped working following being rear-ended. Drove pickup home, other car was towed away. Switch was replaced for $5.

Exhaust manifold leak developed at 198,000 miles. Intake and exhaust manifolds were replaced for $700.

The original carburetor literally fell apart at 199,430 miles. It was replaced with something larger with a cost of $500.

Timing became irregular at 199,545. Electronic ignition was added with new distributor and coil. Parts cost was almost $1000.

Brake drums are considered warped and rear differential is loose at 201,000. Pickup has been parked and a "frame-up" restoration is planned.

General Comments:

These pickups seem indestructible. They appear to take a licking and keep on ticking. It always starts making this pickup completely reliable. Sometimes updating them requires significant effort and money, but the end result is always worth it. They will always be "classics" and admired by those people that don't have them. Plus, owning a pickup like this sure beats making a car payment every month.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2004

17th Sep 2008, 00:08

My 67 needs a new clutch soon, but at 189,000 miles it starts every time and is fast!

1967 Ford F100 Custom Cab 352 Gas Gussler from North America


Low End Torque...


The freeze plug was leaking when I bought it.

The starter and starter solenoid had to be replaced.

Shocks/struts are original so the ride is bouncy.

It burns oil and transmission fluid.

It has not had a heater core since I bought it.

Windshield wiper pump is shot.

I replaced alternator and.

General Comments:

Choke, fan, windows, locks, windshield wipers, cigarette lighter, and electrical all function properly.

For as big as this truck is and the fact that is is manual steering is amazing for how good it handles turns, unfortunately, when your going slow i.e. parking lot, it is harder to maneuever.

The original paint still has that Ford white shine.

This truck is indestructable... almost, I've gone through ditches, crashing through rock piles, and splashing through mud puddles, over curbs, and much much more and this truck can handle it all.

It doesn't look like it, but this truck can smoke the tires in any weather and I can watch my money burn up too... literally.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2004