1977 Ford F100 Custom 300 6 from North America


One of the best investments I've ever made


Problems with fuel filter plugging up.

Replaced alternator.

General Comments:

Good reliable old work truck that has never failed to get me where I want to go, or do what I need it to do.

Doesn't get the best mileage in the world, but it's about the easiest truck in the world to work on.

Definitely the best 500 dollars that I have ever spent.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2013

5th Feb 2013, 10:34

A vehicle isn't an investment - unless it is a rare classic that is appreciating.

The rest of them just depreciate & drain our wallets. :)

24th Jul 2013, 08:51

As your review indicates, you have only racked up 1000 miles in four years of ownership; gas mileage should be of little concern.

1977 Ford F100 Explorer 300 six from North America


Cheapskate's Dream


Rear wheel cylinder.

Rear brake shoes.

Gas tank rusted out.



Frame rusted out.

General Comments:

I bought this thing a few years ago to haul various bits of junk around. I had owned this truck three years prior so I had somewhat of an idea what I was getting into again. The truck runs great, but the motor is a little tired and the oil pressure isn't real great anymore.

Never failed to get me where I wanted to go. Took it on many a long trip with nary a trouble. I got it stuck a couple of winters ago and the poor transmission decided to throw in the towel. Seemed like the gears were stripping out. I left it sit over winter and got it out the following fall. Truck started and the transmission seemed to had self healed itself. Or so I thought. It was good enough to make 4 two hour trips on the interstate before deciding enough was enough. Still got home though.

The 300 six and three on a tree combo was good for at least 20 mpg, although I usually got right around 23-24 mpg. I know people with compact trucks that get the same mileage. It wasn't real fast, but would cruise (not happily) at 75 for hours on end. It is more of a 55 mph type vehicle.

The biggest thing this thing had going for it is that parts cost next to nothing, and just about every auto parts place has stuff for this thing on the shelf. Also this thing is extremely simple to work on. Very bare bones, no power steering or power brake setup to go out. I would recommend that if your mechanically inept but still want to save a little coin, this truck would be a great way to get some car fixin' skillz. Plus rebuilding the whole truck probably cost less than a new Honda Civic fuel pump (slight exaggeration). I also ignored a lot of problems on the thing as well. Easy fixes those kind are. Unlike new cars, one can ignore stuff going bad for a while because the parts are a bit beefier and take a lot longer before they fail for good.

Truck has gotten to the point where even if I put a new transmission in it, the frame is too rusted to be trusted. Bought another frame and transmission so hopefully I'll be ready for more adventures.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2009

29th Apr 2009, 05:01

We had a '78 with the 300 six and a three-speed automatic. It was a great truck, reasonable mileage. I definitely prefer the 300 six to the 302 V-8. If I remember rightly cruising at higher speeds (say 65-70 or so) wasn't a big problem, though I personally always find pickups a bit dodgy on the handling.

1977 Ford F100 Ranger 5.8 modified from North America


The best work truck you can buy period


Minor things, hoses, belts, turn signal flasher, general maintenance, oil leaks, power steering leaks.

General Comments:

Excellent work truck, extremely reliable, keep on top of maintenance and it will run forever, especially oil changes, always gets me where I need to go, this is my second truck of this body style and I will always have one when I need a work truck, awesome power, will pull anything, parts are very cheap (set of plug wires (8) at auto-zone cost $13.99) can do a complete tuneup for less than $50 plugs, wires, cap, rotor, oil change, oil filter, air filter.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2003