1st May 2008, 12:29

That's really cool. my grandad bought a 69 ranger I think in early 70. he got it used but not too many miles on it. he used it for a farm truck also. it had a 360 in it with a 3 speed. he drove it for about 3 years and then sold it to my uncle who turned it into a hot rod. a real healthy 428. long story short, I ended up with it about 25 years ago. it now has a 429 and c6 auto. I've had a lot of cars (mustangs mostly) and pickups but I will never part with this thing I promise. its without a doubt one of the best rides I've ever had. out of all of them its also been the most fun I've ever had with one.

3rd May 2009, 04:23

I bought a brand new F100 from a dealership here in San Antonio back in 1969. I ordered it from Ford with a 460 CI engine, c-4 Trans, heavy duty Suspension/radiator, radio and plain bumpers, but a chrome grille and head light windows.

I still have it, drove it for years, and at over 400,000 miles I decided to have the engine re-built... WRONG decision! It leaked oil into the water ever since, so I decided to replace the engine with a 460 CI from a 1973 Mercury Station Wagon. Hung up at this time because all the magazines, "LMC Ford included" says that their motor mounts for 360 to 460 conversion "are not for Lincoln or Mercury engines," What's up with that?

Overall I've never had a lick of trouble with this truck, with the exception of the ignition coil dying after just 350+/- miles and 3 starters and 3 Water pumps.

Any help or comments on the motor mount issue will be appreciated... Tom.