15th Sep 2002, 17:37

My 65 F100 is an incredible truck, pretty much all orignal, very little modified. Has the original 352 big block that was rebuilt 4 years ago. But this truck is solid. 3 on the tree with manual overdrive (works). Original AM radio, I just added Old Air Products in dash air conditioning. This truck does not smoke at all, runs quiet and solid. One of the best Ford ever built as far as I'm concerned.

3rd Apr 2008, 09:46

I own a 1966 Ford F100 Custom Cab. I will not give that truck up. I have the original 352 in it. That pick up belonged to the state highway department, here in N.M. It sat for 15 years, it got so much dirt down under the intake manifold, so it starved itself from oil. now its knocking!. I am having a hard time finding a 352 engine. Does anybody out there think that it is possible, that if I tear it apart and clean out that dirt, that the knocking will stop? Or will I have to buy new parts. As soon as I heard the knocking, I haven't ran the engine. Rudy fixitlascruces@gogrove.com

9th Sep 2009, 01:44

I owned a 1966 F-100 Stepside for 12 years, and did most of the work on it myself. I loved that truck and regret to this day for ever selling it. I had so many great times in it that will stay in my memory for ever. I lived in Memphis, Tn. then, and now live in Nebraska. The truck was a deep burgundy color and had 68 GTO bucket seats, a nice stereo, a three speed Hurst shifter and hooker headers. Sold it to a gent who owned a trucking company and he said he was going to use it to advertise the company. Sure wish I could find it, or one like it, and buy it back. Feels like I gave up a member of my family. Today I drive a custom built 1996 Ford ranger step-side. I love FORDS!!!

22nd Feb 2011, 13:34

I purchased a 1966 Ford F100 in 1967 step side F100 240cid three on the tree, drove it 16 years. I even pulled a 15 ft shasta trailer & 19 ft Kit Companion with it, then I gave it to my son, and he sold it in about 1985. In 2007 my kids found a 1965 F100 step side 240 three on the tree and gave it to me for fathers day. I did a complete rebuild from the frame up. Best truck I ever owned. Everything on it is stock.

22nd Feb 2011, 18:15

There's something to be said for FORD trucks!

I've owned many, and my latest project was a 1978 Ford Ranger Super Cab with the full length box and 351 Cleveland. I did the entire body including interior to bring it back to stock original. The truck has 175,000 miles and I was going to rebuild the engine, but the engine still runs strong and starts even on the coldest of mornings. So I'm leaving the engine for now, and will see how many miles I can go. Don't kid yourself, this is a daily driver (be it a nice one) that works every chance it gets, such as towing or hauling. It's like an old friend.

28th Jun 2014, 18:10

I presently own a 1966 F-100, with the 8 foot full size bed.

Originally it was a 352 big block with 3 speed on the tree, but it had been replaced before I got it with a 1985 302 HO engine, with an AOD automatic overdrive transmission.

I need to add A/C and power steering, but haven't yet.

When I'm on the highway, at 70 MPH, the engine is running at 1800 RPM. At 55 MPH, it is running at 1500 RPM.

Everywhere I go, people give the thumbs up, and have stories of family members that used to own one, or they did, but wish they still had it.

The truck has been on several long trips since I put it back on the road, and has been 100% reliable. I like being old school. HA!!