1982 Ford F150 XLS 4.9 I6 from North America


A dependable workhorse


Radius arm bushings at 190,000km.

Transmission rebuilt/clutch replaced at 200,000km.

Other normal serviceable items.

General Comments:

There can't be a more reliable vehicle on the road, and parts/labour are cheap. Too bad the 80-86's are getting rarer - grab one if you get the chance.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2012

1982 Ford F150 XLT Lariat 300 C.I. L6 from North America


This truck is bulletproof, it will never die!


The Carburator needed to be rebuilt (had about 1/4 of a cup of sand in the bottom of the float bowl). The muffler rusted through and had to be replaced, and the windshield has a crack running from one side to the other (so every time it rains water leaks in at the top of the windshild).

General Comments:

This thing is F*&#ing Bulletproof. It doesn't get good gas mileage and it's getting a little harder to pass emissions, but it won't F*&#ing Die. It just keeps on going. It handles great, the cab is great. But I'm starting to need more seats and less pick-up. I might have to trade in the old truck (shame, I really love that truck).

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Review Date: 17th March, 2006

1982 Ford F150 XLT Standard Cab 2WD 7.5L 460 V8 from North America


Bulletproof workhorse!


I have replaced most every part that could wear out over twenty years and 300,000 miles of use except for the original engine long block and original C6 automatic transmission.

Both the engine and transmission have been torn down, inspected and new gaskets installed more than twice since new.

All suspension parts have been replaced twice. Includes bushings, rear springs, front springs once, all with new parts, not used or junk. This also includes idler arm, tie rod ends, axle bearings and seals.

Factory air (evaporator) was replaced for first time last year and converted to 134A refrigerant along with new hoses. Compressor was replaced at least twice.

Radiator and heater core replaced twice, last time was last year.

Hoses, Tires, Lamps, belts, plugs, wires, etc. many, many times.

Front seat was replaced in 1995 with current year XLT power seat. Bolted right in existing holes.

All lenses like stop, turn, marker have been replaced at least twice.

It has been repainted twice the original color Whimbledon white.

The truck has only let me down twice in twenty years. Once was the battery and the second time was the original fuel pump let go after 17 years.

General Comments:

This truck was a special order by ARCO Oil Company in Dallas, Texas. The truck was never picked up from the dealer and remained in a back lot until December 1982 when I purchased it sight unseen for the base truck invoice. Imagine my surprise to find a fully loaded XLT with an engine not currently avialable for that series of truck. The ARCO Oil logo was on each door.

My wife drove this truck for the first six years and 125,000 miles. It has been my daily driver until just last year.

The 7.5L V8 was available only in the F-250 and larger trucks. The factory door sticker indicates the special order and the engine code is special.

Ford trucks are notorious for seal leaks after 100,000 miles and mine is no different. Engine and transmission got all new seals, again last year.

Items not replaced makes more sense. Factory AM/FM stereo radio and digital clock still work properly from new. Factory gages, tachometer and switches still work. All glass is original. All aluminum trim is original and in good shape.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2003