2014 Ford F150 STX Sport 4x4 (RCSB) 5.0 from North America


The best vehicle I will ever own


From new the driver's side door rattled when the outside temperature was colder than -30C, but this would fade as the cabin warmed up. The dealer worked on this three times and somewhat had it resolved.

Around 100,000 km the rubber boot around the (mass airflow?) sensor coming out of the air filter broke while I was checking the air filter. I have no clue why manufacturers always make such lousy air filter housing assemblies?

General Comments:

Likely my best vehicle ever (and I have owned 16). Incredibly easy to drive, part, or offload with. The true was very responsive and did exactly what I told it to do (in terms of steering and throttle response). I doubt I will ever enjoy a vehicle this powerful again, and in subsequent vehicles I find myself yelling "f***ing go already!" while trying to accelerate or merge into traffic.

This is my first vehicle that didn't require near constant wheel balancing or alignments (I drive on rough roads), and I loved the fact that when using synthetic oil, it was still golden when I would change the oil and filter at 10,000 km.

The paint held up fairly well, though in the end it did have scratches and stone chips. The windshield lasted just shy of 100,000 km when a large stone created a crack along the bottom (where the windshield wipers park).

The only reason I sold the truck is that I moved overseas and it was not reasonable to ship it over (although I certainly did look). I am quite certain I will never own this good of a vehicle ever again.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st May, 2017